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lexx the perc gremlin for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198095671798

Age: 19

Current Server Level: 44

Recommendation(s) from Staff:
@ lux
@ shacx


About lexx the perc gremlin:


During the week I work doing IT support for multiple companies, doing web design, troubleshooting problems etc, when i get time off i usually do 1 of 3 things.
1. Play Gmod
2. Play Valorant
3. Code on my project
I've been playing Gmod since 2013 and for the majority of the time spent it on TTT, recently coming back couple months ago and spent alot of time on Flux. I'm a pretty chill guy to get along with and don't have many problems with anyone on the server, and the problems that i did have i have forgiven and tried to move on with as I'm not one to typically hold grudges against people.
Alot of my spare time is me working with my team on my project called "Hyper Realms" which is a spin off of the game "Realm of The Mad God",  the discord has 600+ members and we have a team of about 10 people all coding different things to make it something amazing.
I'm pretty competitive at majority of the games i play specifically H1Z1 which i played in the highest division on the team Trident eSports, and have calmed down with all of that to just play Valorant now.



Reason for Application:


Often when i play there either isnt any staff on for reports or reports that haven't been done and i feel as if i can fill that gap. I also give alot of thoughtful community suggestions (eg clan suggestion and item coinflip suggestion both with visualisation) and know i would be a valuable asset to working on future projects such as event nights which has been rumoured for some time



Previous Experience:


Magik Gaming TTT 2014 - Moderator

Hyper Realms - Co-Owner



Additional Comments:

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+1 Look, I love a guy who can keep up with one deags, even more so if hes a fucking chill guy with a killer personality. I see no reason in giving lexx a shot at staffing, im sure his past experience would be good to have on the team.

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I believe that @ lexx the perc gremlin would be a good addition to staff.
There's always a learning curve involved in transitioning from regular player to staff, but I believe that Lexx could overcome that and become a great staff member.
Good server time and a good rapport with the community.
You have my +1

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