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BlipBlop's Discord Appeal

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Server: Discord

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:30738846

Reason for ban: using Better discord

Issuing staff member: Generic

Ban length: ∞




I need to be unbanned to know what's happening in the community and to input my unique ideas on the discord server


- I'm not using BD anymore 🙂

MY DISCORD IS @Ben#0258 AND THE ID IS 295479366421446656

- Blip blop


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Hey @ BlipBlop the staff team are discussing this appeal for you now.

Is there any way that you can verify for us that you are in fact no longer using Better Discord?

Regardless we'll get back to you regarding the outcome of this appeal.

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1 hour ago, BlipBlop said:

against TOS but theres a support server with 100k+ members 😛

and idk, do u want a screenshot or osomething

Doesn't mean that it is not against TOS. Regardless our current stance is to ban anyone caught using it.

Not sure that would do any good, you could just reinstall BD after the screenshot 🤷‍♂️

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8 hours ago, Golden said:

i think we should let blip blop take some time to rethink his actions before deciding to unban. gotta play by the rules 

Dear Nedlog

You suck

Kind regards,
your friend,
pal and friendo,

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@ BlipBlop
The Punisher's have voted and decided to unban you from discord.
We hope that you will not take this second (or third, or forth etc...) chance lightly and will abide by our Discord community guidelines.

Considering your history of Community, Server and Discord bans, if you are found to have reinstalled BD or are found breaking any other of our Discord rules, you will be banned without appeal. You have been given more chances than most, please don't waste this one.

Have fun back on Discord! 😁

/accepted and closed.

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