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Metagaming question / overrule

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Isn’t it meta gaming to call yourself proven before iding a T body?  Getting the “t kill exp” is only for you, it’s information not yet available to others - the definition of metagaming. Why is this exp not given AFTER the body is Id’d (give the ID exp + the killer exp Once the body is Id’d)


tldr- calling proven before T body is ided because you got exp = metagaming

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Well that would more so be metagaming if you killed a person for no reason then knew the person you had just RDMed was a T because you got a medal for it. The other thing is if you are seen killing someone most people do NOT wait for you to id the body even though they are supposed to, they assume who it is and shoot that person, so if you see that medal and call proven people who saw the whole thing play out (assuming they waited at least instead of deciding to kill 1 and hope it was the right person) will at least know to wait for you to id the body, or if they are closer they can id it themself and confirm that what you are saying is true.

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At the end of the day it's just a baseless claim. It's can't be proved by the one who says it, so it's up to others whether they believe them or not. 
I personally would like to see someone ID a kill before I consider them proven.

So no, it's not considered metagaming.

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