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Flux Servers Ranks Explained

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Hello Flux Servers community,


Ever since the beginning of Flux Servers there has been a fair amount of confusion regarding our ranking system, primarily regarding the staff ranks. As such we have decided to create this post to explain each rank to hopefully remove some of the confusion surrounding the topic.




Basic Ranks

These are the ranks that can be granted to non-staff members of Flux Servers.


[Donator] This rank is automatically assigned to VIPs after their packages have expired. The Donator rank is permanent and is displayed with yellow text on the in game scoreboard. You receive a few quality of life changes and permissions with this rank such as no longer being forced to see the rules upon every login. This rank is universal and transfers across to our other servers.


[VIP] This rank is given to anyone who purchases a VIP package through the Flux Servers Donation PageThis rank grants you permission to purchase higher tier crates and VIP items from the in game Pointshop on our servers. After your VIP package expires you will be automatically assigned the Donator rank. You can renew your VIP at any time by donating again. VIPs have a yellow name, and a symbol of a golden star next to itThis rank is universal and transfers across to our other servers.


[Trusted] This rank is granted to players who staff believe are trustworthy and responsible enough to hold this rank. this group primarily consists of previous staff however a user is still able to achieve this rank. The role of a Trusted user is to give guidance to new players when staff are not currently on the server and answer questions related to the server and game mode if they are raised. This rank is server specific and is not shared across our servers.


Primary Staff Ranks

These are the basic ranks that every member of staff on Flux Servers will have.


[Trial Moderator] Otherwise referred to as Trial Mod, this rank is granted to anyone who has been successful in application for staff. Trial Mods are able to use basic server commands, such as slay, gag and mute on players who are breaking server rules. Trial Mods have a blue name. This rank is server specific. For example, a TTT Trial Mod will not have Trial Mod rank on our other servers.


[Moderator] Otherwise referred to as Mod, this rank is given to those who complete their Trial Mod period on a server. A Mod is given all permissions that are needed to moderate a server properly. Mods have a blue name. This rank is server specific. For example, a Deathrun Mod will not have Moderator rank on our other servers.


[Super Moderator] Otherwise referred to as Super Mod, this rank is given to certain Mods who are dedicated to Flux Servers, are exceptional at moderating the server, and engage with both the community and other staff. Super Mods gain a few additional permissions, are able to purchase crates in the pointshop, and hold higher authority than moderators. Super Mods have a turquoises name. This rank is server specific. For example a TTT Super Mod will not have Super Mod rank on our other servers.


[Administrator] Otherwise referred to as Admin, this rank is given to Super Mods who have shown a that they are capable and willing to accept higher responsibilities over the server and staff members. Admins gain permissions that can help the server stability, influence decisions made towards the server and are even able to have a say in possible future staff candidates. Admins have a green name. This rank is server specific. For example a TTT Admin is usually able to have Moderator permissions on our other servers, should they wish to.


[Head Administrator] Otherwise referred to as Head Admin, this rank is granted to a selected Admin of whom show excellence at their job, dedication to the community, and responsibility and leadership to those within the staff team. Head Admins are in charge of the staff on Flux Servers, and have a large influence over decisions made towards the server. Head Admins have a red name. This rank is server specific. For example, a TTT Head Admin is usually able to have Moderator rank on other servers, should they wish to.


[Super Administrator] Otherwise referred to as Super Admin (or just Owner), this is the rank that will only be granted to the owner(s) of Flux Servers, and some Server Managers who require it. Super Admins have every permission and are in charge of everything that happens to the server they hold this position on. Super Admins have a red name. This rank is server specific. For example, a Deathrun Super Admin is usually able to have Admin rank on other servers, should they wish to.



Advanced Staff Ranks

These are special ranks that are granted to existing staff members, so that they may undertake particular roles and responsibilities on Flux Servers.


[Community Manager] Community Managers are Admins who are responsible and capable enough of taking up management over one or more community based aspects of Flux Servers. This can include jobs such as maintaining our Discord channel or overseeing our Forums. The permissions for Community Managers are derived from the Head Admin rank, and as such can . This rank is universal across all servers. Community Managers will usually have the same rank on all of our servers.


[Server Managers] Server Managers are usually staff with Admin rank or higher, who are responsible and capable enough to have taken up the management of one of our game servers. Server managers have the final say when it comes to granting someone Trial Moderator on the server they manage. The permissions for Server Managers are derived from the Super Admin rank. This rank is server specific. Server Managers will usually have Admin rank on our other servers, should they wish to.


[Staff Manager] The Staff Manager is usually a Head Admin who have demonstrated the leadership skills and responsibility required to manage all members of Flux Servers staff. The Staff Manager is to assist Server Managers in their duties and decision making in regards to members of staff. They are responsible for handling any complaints regarding a member of staff on our servers. This rank is universal across all servers. The Staff Manager has the same rank on all of our servers.



These are all the current ranks within Flux Servers, hopefully this will clarify any questions you may have regarding our staff system or about a specific rank. If you still have any questions regarding our ranks, please do not hesitate to ask us through a forums post or through Discord. Also if, after having read this, you feel you would like to join our staff team, please feel free to apply!





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