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Deathrun Commands/Hotkeys

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The following are commands and hotkeys that may make life easier on Deathrun!


Press "F1" or type "!help" to learn about Deathrun.

Press "F2"  or type "!settings" to access the Settings menu where you can customize certain features in your HUD and other client-side features.

Press "F3" to open the Point shop, where you can purchase various cosmetic items

Press "F4" to open the trade menu to trade with other players.

Press "F7" or type !jb to use the jukebox.

Press “F8” to toggle Third Person and First Person view

Press "F9" to view top play times of Players.

Press "R" to inspect your CS:GO knife.

Type "!crosshair" to personalize your  crosshair.

Type "!pl" to view the CS:GO knife pricelist. 

Type "!shop" to open the Pointshop.

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