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Deathrun Rules

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Last Updated: 28/12/2018


Gameplay Rules

1.   No Button Spamming as a Death.

2.   Attempts to evade being death will result in punishment.

3.   Do not delay rounds.

4.   Do not map exploit.

5.   Do not tele-camp.

6.   Bunny Hop/Strafe scripting will not be tolerated.

7.   No targeting specific Runners as Death.

8.   Do not ghost as a dead Runner.

9.   Win farming will not be tolerated.



General Rules

1.   No foul, degrading, or racist remarks.

2.   No inappropriate or disrespectful sprays, names & texthats.

3.   All sprays and avatar icons used on Flux Servers should contain no nudity. Final decisions on what is acceptable are left up to the staff in the server.

4.   No cheating, cheat scripts, barrier jumping, map exploits or hacks of any kind.

5.   No advertising in servers.

7.   No impersonating admins.

8.   Do not disrupt the server in any way. (i.e. Chat or Mic spam)

9.   DDOS Threats will result in permanent ban. No appeal.

10. Any points spent in the PointShop are non-refundable.

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