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Nick's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465

Reason for ban: Forum Warning, Will elaborate a bit further down

Issuing staff member: Wookie

Ban length: 6months left



Basically all my posts are hidden for 6 months.

I posted a thread about Trey becoming a forum administrator in general discussion.
Yes, this thread was a shitpost and did use some sensitive words such as "Transgender, Narcissistic Assholes and Furries"
I didn't actually mean anything in a negative way when referencing transgenders and furries. I have nothing against either.
Narcissistic assholes however I am usually not fond of. So I will stick with that. 
But I just wanted it to be known that It wasn't a jab at furries.
It wasn't a jab at transgenders.
It wasn't a jab at people of colour. (I may have mentioned that)
Was it necessary to bring it up? No, tbh I could have just left it out and we probably wouldn't be here right now.
I wasn't attacking anyone specifically, I wasn't even attacking anyone at all.
But regardless I am sorry, I am not asking for the restriction to be completely removed but I would like it to be shortened from 6months. I feel like that is way too long for a comment that wasn't intended to be harmful.


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Sorry nick, but this is a content moderation punishment. There will be admins on fairly accepting and or denying you're content moving forward. It shouldn't inhibit you much, just no grey area stuff and you would be all good.


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