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Reporting STEAM_0:0:81016856 for Rule Violation

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Incident occurred on TTT, at 03/30/22 5:34pm GMT+10.

My SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465

Reported Player: Majora01 (STEAM_0:0:81016856)


Description of incident:

I was in a match on the map community bowling. I picked up a AS VAL to test out the spread/recoil. I shot the wall for about 3 seconds (there was no one in the area). Then I have 3 people shooting at me, @ lux  being one of them. I turned to him and killed him after he had started shooting at me. 

Later in the game I get a report from lux claiming it was RDM because I was "t-baiting". My response is here below: (the rdm report)

I asked them to review it due to an obvious mistake that was made but a review was not made and I was falsely slain.
As far as rules go I am pretty sure that if I am being shot at, I am allowed to defend myself and not be slain since they tried to kill me.

{Evidence}: Below is a video of the deathscene, a photo of the RDM report and a screenshot of me asking if they can review it.

I would also like to add, this report was formed on lux and was handled by majora, now you could just put it down to "Majora is new, he's only a trial" but lux being in a higher position should have noticed this fault straight away since he was the one who shot at me, he should know that the report shouldn't have made it through. To me this seems like a form of revenge through staff power for being killed but that's just a theory.



sorry to burst bubbles but dm me on discord for clips and screenshots since forums are sad ass.



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I agree it's cringe getting slain because people square up and get KO'd and report because they're salty. 

But I mean come on, its a single slay, you'd may as well call the cops because someone pushed in front of you at KFC

I feel like this would have been better off directly reported to a senior staff member so they can call the staff member a dumbass and move on. Nothing is really going to come of this because the theory of staff conspiring against you is batshit insane.

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Not to give people the wrong idea about this thread, I didn't make it hopes of getting this dude demoted lmao, It was more because I couldn't make it of anything in game to any active staff and If I was to ask other staff about it they would just say "if you have a problem then make a report on the forums" so I did. They be the same people that be like "bruh it's not a big deal", like yeah I know lol.

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