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Nick's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465

Reason for ban: "Targeted Harassment"

Issuing staff member: Monk

Ban length: 3d



I reviewed the 'evidence' he posted in punishments and honestly don't think it's enough to ban me for harassment since I wasn't even harassing him. The only thing I said to him that could have been seen as harassment is "congrats on senior mod". But I mean that's it.
The evidence of the ban consists of:
- Only 3 RDM reports.
- 2 clips.
1 clip shows somebody calling a KOS on monk to which I reply "I think someone said KOS Monk, did anybody else hear that?"
idk about you but that isn't harassment, I'm literally just playing the game at that point. 

There was 1 game where the round had basically just started and I didn't realise I was a T. I saw monk run into the T room and I called a KOS on him, before I was able to realise my mistake I was killed by my T buddy (monk).
Other than that there is like 2 rdms, which are valid.
I don't see how that is targeted harassment, smelling some bs 


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