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Guest YaBoiHustler

Deathrun Updates

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Guest YaBoiHustler

Hello everyone!


The Deathrun Hype is back! We are spicing things up and introducing new ways for you to obtain rare items within the server! 




  • Giveaway Weekends
  • Hustler's Gold Prize
  • Crate Drops

Along with these new ways to obtain items, we are switching around the prices of the keys with their respective cases so that these new features are more effective. Here is a little bit more detail on how these features work.


Giveaway Weekends


Every weekend we will be giving away a random key to a lucky winner so that you can easily open a case to obtain a CS:GO knife. To be in with a chance to win, a thread will be created in the Deathrun section of the forums that allows you to enter. All you have to do is comment on the thread and you are in with a chance to win! After every draw, the thread will be wiped which means you will have to enter again for the weekend after.


Hustler's Gold Prize


I myself will randomly be given out either a Golden CT Knife or a Golden T Knife at random times. These can not be unboxed or purchased and are really rare! All you have to do is being on and I might just say "Here mate, here's a special knife just for you!" But wait! If I select you, you have the choice of either accepting the knife OR you can ante-up! What this means is you have an opportunity to get a different item that is available from the Pointshop that is expensive to purchase. However, you have a 1/6 of winning this special item, a 1/6 of still obtaining a Golden Knife and a 2/3 chance of receiving nothing at all, so select carefully!


Crate Drops


After switching the prices of the keys and crates, crates will randomly drop after every round similar to how Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Classified Crates drop in TTT. There are no special conditions for these drops, so just play!



So keep on playing Deathrun, and remember that every week you need to comment on the thread if you want to win a key! 


Good luck have suck, YaBoiHustler 

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Guest Parker__

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