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Nick for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465

Age: 17

Current Server Level: 53

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About Nick:

Read Below.


Reason for Application:

I'm making this application, not to apply for staff but to request a re-trial.
My reasoning behind this is because I believe the demotion that was handed down to me was unjust in certain aspects and will explain why in a few short sentences below.

The reasoning for not surpassing my trial period are the following:
- Reluctance to do reports when asked to by senior staff.
- Mic Spamming.
- Encouraging bad behaviour.
- Immature Behaviour.

After reading the reasoning behind the demotion I sat and thought to myself about the possible events that took place that could have led to senior staff getting the impression that I acted this way and these are the conclusions I came up with.

- Reluctance to do reports: I never ever recall not doing reports when asked to by staff, I would always listen and go and do them when told to. 
The reason for which I believe some staff may have got the impression is when the higher up staff jokingly say things like "do the reports slave" and things like that, which I respond "do them yourself".
I don't believe this is a valid reason, simply because plenty of other staff have said the same thing during their trial period, some of which have already been promoted. I would get on just to do reports, sometimes when I had free time and didn't feel like playing Garry's Mod I would join, just to staff the server in my free time.

- Mic Spamming: This is one I do take accountability for and will admit, there were times I would play a soundboard in game, though most often than not it would be late at night I shouldn't have done it and for that I believe I should have got a talking to for it, but I never did. One thing Kat pointed out to me was the fact there was a time where I played a soundboard for an extended period of time and then once gagged, I would ungag myself and continue playing it. This happened very early into my trial period and after realizing it was wrong later that night, It never happened again.

- Encouraging bad behaviour: Till this moment I still don't know how or when this could have happened, I don't think I have ever encouraged bad behaviour or promoted it as something that people should do. I also asked higher staff for an example of when I did do this, but never got a response.

- Immature behaviour: I don't know if I would classify myself as immature, maybe I am, I'm honestly not sure. But as a reason of demotion? I don't think that's right. Every single person in the staff team have an immature side to them and to be completely fair, I honestly don't recall being immature towards other players, other staff or anyone of that matter. 

After being recommended by 75% of the staff team and then throughout my 4 week trial period being praised for my good work by half of them, I'm requesting another 2 weeks of trial moderator.
I believe more communication from the senior staff to trial moderators would be helpful and necessary to help people in my situation grow as a person and a staff member aiming for promotion. I don't think it's right to build up all the things a person does wrong and demote them for it at a later date, I was never spoken to at all about the things listed above and I was never asked about them either. It's very easy to point out the things people do wrong, Instead of being praised or acknowledged for the things that people do right. 

If there is evidence of the things above that I committed at a earlier date than I apologise and now can work on the points mentioned. But I still think senior staff should talk to the individual about these things instead of letting everything build up.


I spent a while gathering my thoughts for this post before even considering going through with posting it so I want the all the staff to talk about this and understand where I'm coming from.


Previous Experience:


Additional Comments:

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I'm locking the thread for the time being whilst discussion happens, but I can say after reading through the thread that there are some VAST misunderstandings in here regarding what has occurred and what was expected. Due to it's nature, your request is being fast tracked and you'll be updated as soon as there's news on this. Thanks for your patience

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Reason: You just failed your trial period please wait up to 4 months before applying again.

We the senior staff believe you aren't currently staff material.
You are free to disagree but at the end of the day the decision to accept you as full moderator is up to the senior staff.

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