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BlipBlop's TTT Appeal

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561198021743420

Reason for ban: cheater

Issuing staff member: Generic

Ban length: a long time +1



I'm sorry for what I did and as much as I act like I am fine being banned, I'm really not fine --- At the end of the day I should have never thought about cheating for any reason and I am now aware of that, Not only do i regret it, But i am also ashamed, as I am someone who apart from this case prides myself on playing legit, whether its TTT, Bhop, Runescape or minecraft, The fun comes from being shit and working your way up in skill.

I miss the community and server, and I know some of the players and staff miss me (i hope 😬 )as I would sometimes be a fun and nice person to play with and a valuable contributor of the new TTT server in its early-mid stages, by providing suggestions for features that were put into the game, Played daily, Talked daily in the discord and made some good friends.

I know you guys are probably sick of my appeals... But i like to think of it as a testament to my subconscious dedication to the server đŸ’Ș

Love your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman Blip Bl0p


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Nah you tend to disappoint. I wiped all bans from old server, minus the serious ones. You were let through, but you showed you can't really change.

Ima say no, Probably better to apply again in 2 more months IMO.



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+1 blip blop was a great addition to the server and also donates a fuck ton (he’s personally bought me vip twice)

yes he “cheated” but it was clearly as a stupid joke rather than trying to level up xp or something like that. he’s been gone for months now, i truly think it’s time to give him another chance 

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Feb 3 you will be unbanned. Your ban has been reduced to 6 months.

After discussion we believe you can reintegrate with the community under strict conditions. Under probation you will be under intense scrutiny which will last an undisclosed time. Any breaking of rules under staff discretion can lead to you being completely removed from the community. Meaning no discord, no forums and no server ever. Please understand and respect our decisions.

See you soon!

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