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Nick for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151576465

Age: 16

Current Server Level: 51

Recommendation(s) from Staff: @ Jaska V  @ Hakkem  @ onlyinred  @ Monk


About Nick:


I am an audio engineer that tends to spend his free time playing Garrys mod. Being 16 I obviously have a lot of free time and that would explain why I'm so frequently active. I focus on my physical health a lot by eating healthy, staying hydrated and, well exercising of course. Other than that I just sit at this computer all day, watching youtube and attempting to learn more skills in the digital world.



Reason for Application:


Recently there has been quite a steep decline in staff leaving the team as well as inactive staff and I feel there needs to be more people willing to take on that role. I've wanted to be staff for a while now but can admit I most likely wasn't ready when making my other applications due to my somewhat toxic nature and how I played in game. I've matured a lot over time and think that I would now be able to take on the responsibility and would be a good fit for it. Multiple time I've been on a full server with 0 staff active and It gets very toxic, very quick. Mic spammers, RDMers as well as many other things. Being an active player myself who has been in the community for around 2 years now, I'd be safe to say that I'd do a good job with handling these types of situations.



Previous Experience:


Moderated a DarkRP server called "OG Roleplay" for a few months. Resigned Due to not being active.





Additional Comments:

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