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Nick for Staff on TTT

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1 minute ago, FaithlessWolfe said:

Gonna be a -1 from me. You RDM all the time, even try using props in an attempt to get away with it.

not really lol. I get a few slays here and there for rdm, obv by mistake but, never intentionally kill someone, but everyone makes mistakes lmao. 

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-1, bit of a character gripe. Contributed to spreading a false, unsubstantiated and malicious rumour of me bullying a kid until he cried, which deadset just never happened & had to clarify in VC. Also somehow shamed Josh for calling out a dude well into his 30s for sending sexually charged messages to a 16-year-old. Bit of a strange -1, but not exactly a great look if you ask me. 

Was a bit of a clusterfuck of a situation all round, but I think the standard for staff should be higher than the rest of the community. The rest of us aren't exactly applying for Staff, are we.

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