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Monk for Staff on TTT

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Server: TTT

SteamID: 76561199076272777

Age: 15

Current Server Level: 20

Recommendation(s) from Staff:


About Monk:


my name is Monk im 15 years old almost 16 in a couple months and i like video games one of my favourite games is gmod and im in year 10.

 i have been playing since the ps2 and ps3 days. my favourite youtubes are seananners and vanossgaming their videos got me playing garrys mod and i loved every second of playing the game it makes me smile and happy even on the bad days of my life i always have a smile on my face when playing garrys mod i got about 500 hours on the game 300 hours on my account and 200 hours on a different account before i got a pc at 15 i have been playing on the ps4 since it came out i mostly played cod and gta 5 and somedays i get to play on my brothers pc to play some games i mostly play garrys mod or csgo but now i got my own pc and i can do whatever i want now.




Reason for Application:


I'm trying to get some experience for moderator or a staff member, I quite like the flux server its pretty nice here its like home to me I feel treated as a friend by everyone sometimes I get pretty stupid and do some things I don't think of, but being a staff member will be a huge in my life its one of my goals I've been trying to be staff for over servers on other games but they don't accept me, but once I'm accepted, I will be really happy that I have been chosen to be a  staff member, so I saw a problem with flux is the staff they don't play to often and a server always need a staff member to keep watch, I've been playing so much of flux this problem is clearly visible, since I got more time I can be a staff member through out the entire day.



Previous Experience:


Additional Comments:

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