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Jaska's House Project Progession

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I don't really have anywhere to post shit that marks milestones, so I'm gonna be posting them up here showing progression on the build, and compile everything at the end. Hopefully you guys find this interesting as each stage progresses. 🙂

Stage 0A Acquiring Land


Stage 0B Removing Debris


Stage 1A Excavation and Plumbing


More to come 😉

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19 hours ago, Wookie said:

Aight time to stalk and find out where you live, I seem to be good at doing that when people post photos of their house 🙃

I actually doubt this. All you have are mountains and shit.

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18 hours ago, Wookie said:

Ah excellent, a weather report for the last day or two, that helps narrow down your location

Still might be too hard for you. Let me tell you those photos were on the 14/6/21

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