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TTT Changelogs

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Server Release:

  •   Stab vest now has only 1 use
  •   Permissions changed for staff
  •   New T and D addons added
    • Pulse Cannon
    • Cameras
    • Stab vest
  •   Removed prop disguiser for now
  •   Crate chances upped a bit more
  •   Slight VIP incentives
    • More will be added as server progresses!
  •   Adjusted hitreg
  •   Level lock on guns and skins
  •   Smart turret disable - causing nill value
  •   Vip locking for shop,
  •   Donation website support
  •   Bans site
  •   Disable all packages on store
  •   cant trade if your inventory is full
  •   Pick mod menu pos
  •   improve trade request
  •   Who killed you popup.
  •   Hitmark
  •   Mapvote updated to feature the maps
  •   Game tracker reinstated
  •   Setting skins the same as first person
  •   Make the skin IDS more unique
  •   Weapon balancing
    • See changelog on discord
  •   Reinstated the bad bans
    • Cheaters
    • Community bans
    • DDOS, etc
  •   Finalize XP code
    • Colour Gradient
    • More medal variant
  •   Hex color gradients
  •   Community support
  •   Double shot bug is now fixed
  •  Upped the price of abyssal crates
  •  staff_vip now get vip rewards
  •  !rules is now in effect, no more anarchy!!!!!!!
  •  Oh so awesome XP changes
  •  items not saving hotfix


  • Removed the classic server
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• ttt_aircraft_ccf_r2_fix2
• ttt_67thway_v14
• ttt_metropolis
• Added ttt_magma - Spawns should should better now
• Summermansion
• ttt_warehouses

• Kakariko has a few more spawn points
• Fixed unreachable position on office
• Metropolis has less exploits
• Warehouses has a few kill zones to cancel out delaying
• aztec player blocker on top of roof
• You can now see weapon skins on people you're spectating
• Donation store fixes
• Galil ADS has been fixed
• UI fixes - Weapon levels, spectating people
• Preview for crates now fits in better
• Invisible item bug
• Ui no longer freezes your screen
• Improved saving names on database - Special symbols now dont track (english only)
• Reduced animation time for fadeout
• m4a1-s Icon fixed

• Coinflip gambling!!!!
• Traitor Healing item - Sandvich
• 3 new modifiers - Eagle Eye, Reversal, Slow down

• ttt_lunarbase

• Github webhook redone
• Trello bot viewable in #bot-commands
• Trello bot now archives everything done on this board

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