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  1. It flopped because nobody did anything with it. If it had an active dev that actually put time and effort into it then it might still be around now. Also I never said it had to be Garry's Mod, could find other games the community enjoy and put up a server for those.
  2. Yeah no. Forcing people to play maps they don't want to play is a good way to kill your playerbase. Removing all the maps everybody loves to play is just going to make them move to another server. Flux is getting enough from donations to keep servers up, so replacing them with other modes that people will play isn't a terrible idea tbh. It would help the community grow and gives us more options to play as well.
  3. Deleting/Reshaping current inactive servers I agree that Deathrun should be replaced with something else, but I don't think it should be a Minecraft server. We've had Minecraft in the past but people get bored of it pretty quickly. TTT Vanilla Don't really need a gun and development team for a vanilla server? if it's vanilla what would a dev team be needed for? you literally just use the base TTT gamemode for vanilla, at most you'd need one person to make some slight edits to gun stats for balancing. I highly disagree with replacing TTT2 with a vanilla server as it gets used, if anything one of the dead servers (deathrun, surf, bhop) should be replaced with a vanilla TTT. Also ofc there wouldn't be any models and there also wouldn't be a variety of T/D weapons added nor an XP system if it's a vanilla server, not quite sure you know what a vanilla TTT server is fam. Current TTT server Suggestions Personally I don't think we need a gun team, the guns are fine imo. Maps? adding new ones isn't gonna do shit tbh, everybody is just going to keep voting for the same maps. Sure they might play the new ones for a day or two but after that it'll just go back to the same maps we currently play. Events sound nice, but I personally don't feel like they'd do a whole lot to increase the playerbase and I also fail to see a point in a double XP event as your level really doesn't do anything. Changing up the T/D items would be nice imo, would help keep things fresh and change up the way T/D's approach things. Pretty sure boosters work, but I don't think anybody really uses them. As for removing guns? why? more options aren't a bad thing, and I see people using all of those. There is a trusted rank and regular isn't needed imo, if you're a regular on the server people are gonna know who you are without you having a fancy role. Forum Update You know the forums only recently got an update yea? it's also not up to staff to make people use the forum, that's up to the community. Forums in general are dying anyway. Developer Applications Not really something that's up to the community, that's something for the owner to decide if he wants to happen or not. Management It's not just the upper management that are inactive, it's most of the staff. They have bursts of activity every now and then but it never lasts long, and honestly that's the biggest problem Flux has imo. New servers or new content would be nice, but without active staff they won't mean shit. Players aren't going to stick around on a server for a gun or a map they like if they're constantly RDM'd or harassed in some other form and nothing happens because staff aren't active, which needs to change.
  4. Sounds like you only want to be unbanned because other servers aren't as active and not because you genuinely feel bad for breaking the rules. Also you just admitted that you still use cheats for other games and that you don't even play GMod too often, so who's to say you won't get bored of TTT and use cheats again for a bit of fun or something? Personally I think you should stay banned.
  5. The metagaming. Have you even seen the video linked in the report? it clearly shows you looking right at a traitor holding a predator blade and watching as they jump around the boat for 5 seconds before they jumped into the water. You waited for them to be in the water before doing anything, and all you did was jump in, go a different direction to where you'd just watched them go, and then get back on the boat. You also failed to call a KOS or anything... seems a lot like you were metagaming to me. And I agree with Debla here, even if it wasn't metagaming calling people braindead isn't an ideal way to go about things, and it's really not a good idea to get like that on your staff application of all things.
  6. Instead of just being a dick like other people I'll actually add something to this. First off, playtime. You've only played 36 hours in the nearly 6 weeks since applying for staff last time, which I personally feel is a bit low, especially for somebody wanted to be a staff member. You've also said that you will be looking for work which means you'll have less time to play, so if you already play so little I feel like you'll just never be on. Making a new Steam account to get away from bad rep and "start fresh" is also a bit of a red flag in my opinion. If your rep is that bad that you needed to start again you probably aren't the type of person I'd want to see having power on a server, as to me that would make me hesitant to stay on the server. As for the "I quit cheating, and that was 2 years ago." part. You were caught cheating on Flux just a month ago, so that just makes you seem like a liar, which isn't a great way to go about "starting fresh" I'd recommend waiting a bit longer to apply for staff. Get your hours up, get a better reputation in the community, show you won't cheat anymore and then apply for staff. It's a -1 from me chief.
  7. Debla that model is a bit bigger than 8mb
  8. I'm not staff anymore, but when I was I'd watch the death scene a couple times to get a clear idea of what happened. If it looks like it was legit an accident or w/e then I wouldn't slay for it, but if it looked like it was done on purpose then they'd cop a slay.
  9. It's gonna be a +1 from me chief. Only just came back to TTT after being gone for a few months but from what I've seen both in-game and on Discord you seem like a chill guy and seem to understand the rules, good luck
  10. Red Matter Bomb is too overpowered imo and I feel like it wouldn't be fun to have on the server. Also you posted this in Deathrun not TTT
  11. Can't let Mau post all the memes, so here's one from me.
  12. Maybe we should look into adding new maps? those usually get peoples attention for awhile.
  13. Which is then followed by "multiple valid reports over multiple rounds (i.e. 5-6)" There's also the fact that he wasn't just banned for RDM, there are other factors involved too. Zoidberg was told by a higher up to ban Blip, believe it was Taylor himself who just happens to be the TTT Manager... so yeah, if one of the highest ranked people on the server tell you to ban somebody you do it. Again, he was told by a higher up to ban. Just because you can't see people telling him to ban doesn't mean it's not happening. Nothing has been covered up, the higher ups don't have to announce to the whole server when they've told a mod to ban somebody. There doesn't have to be an investigation into Zoid, he's done nothing wrong.
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