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  1. for the last few weeks you have been attempting to cause drama on the server, what gives you the right to take the face of a staff member then photoshop it with the intention of using it against myself then you started just spraying it on the server again to harass myself, you made your profile picture contain my irl face then you had the bright idea of posting my face as a spray, i have my face hidden now so one could argue what you are doing is doxxing, i wont go as far as to say so but you have proven that you only want to cause drama for this server with your actions and have only now shown remorse after being banned. if you want to be unbanned or remain playing on flux i suggest you consider your actions, remove my face from your profile and spray and stop spreading shit about me to your friends so they also jump on the "hate all staff" bandwagon, ive been copping shit for months because of people taking any action i make as "abuse of my power" then spreading it to the point that people ive never seen before instantly harassing me. you are part of this problem and it affect more than just myself.
  2. regardless of how you feel or if you get frustrated your behaviour was absolutely disgusting and will not be tolerated, claiming it was all out of frustration is a lazy excuse for your actions. the only reason you made any kind of apology was when you got called out for what you did, showing you really had no remorse for your actions until you got punished. this entire paragraph is a complete lie as clearly you do condone it and encourage your friends to join in on the abuse. in this video you clearly and blatantly abuse both slade and myself as well as even attempt to place a bounty on slade
  3. the full ban reason is "constant abuse to players and staff" prior to your ban i was made aware of your behaviour and the behaviour of 2 others, i had received multiple reports of this and even an almost 7 minute long video of you 3 harassing and abusing players and treating the server as if it were your own, we asked you all to stop and instead make a forum report about this situation if it were such a big deal but you ignored this and continued to disrupt the server and others playing, Welcuer's ban is justified as he has a history of abuse, rdm, and changing his name to match mine (whether it be exactly the same to impersonate or sound the same so it causes confusing with a kos being called and doing to knowingly be a minge on the server) he knew exactly what he was doing and knew it was wrong. in a video i was given you abuse our trial mod, Slade multiple times, both sto and welcuer joined in to harass slade, this kind of behaviour is not tolerated at all, as i said multiple times (and you ignored) that if you had an issue with a staff member you take it to the forums, you refused as you claimed to have no proof. comments such as: "thats what you get for get for being a fucking shit admin" "slade wont do shit, slades a shit admin" after sto said "oi mars guess why slade gagged me" you responded with "because he like cock up his bum so he likes to gag guys". this kind of abuse is not warranted at all I firmly believe your 1 week ban is justified as your actions and presence on the server lately have cause nothing but drama but i will leave this up to discussion with other staff before coming to a conclusion.
  4. 3 karma bans 1 ban for using a spray featuring bestiality between a woman and a horse 5th and final ban for how you would target players by calling a kos on them then "relaying" that kos to act like you didn't call the kos so you had an excuse to RDM someone. You did this multiple times and became abusive when people got sick of you doing it. If you had owned up to any of these things and apologised you could have had a chance to be unbanned but instead you mentioned none of it and chose to make this "appeal" about what I did. As Taylor already said before i could get this post out this is a DENY
  5. DENIED You did some incredibly disgusting things while on Flux TTT and discord including harassment and doxing, these things can not be forgiven regardless if they "happened out of frustration/anger" it is your responsibility to control yourself in any situation. Do not attempt to appeal again.
  6. Both you and king have had bans applied, over the last few days your behaviour has been getting worse in terms of how you treat people and how often you speak in such a way. I have been monitoring it and now im getting messages from people about how you also act when im not present to witness. Today's 1 week ban was applied because of such actions and behaviour. regardless of how someone else is acting its not okay you lower yourself to their level and make things even worse, calling out your T buddies, RDMing, abusing and harassing others is NEVER the right thing to do. For me this is a deny even with your video. I'll leave this up for discussion among the other upper staff.
  7. issue being dealt with, thank you.
  8. DENIED You clearly show no remorse for you actions.
  9. Got bored enough to make a pixelmon server IP: fluxelmon.apexmc.co Has a few addons to prevent griefing and so you can claim areas to stop anyone from building/destroying blocks in your claimed area. https://github.com/MinecraftPortCentral/GriefPrevention/wiki/Commands
  10. clearly you have been making this comparison knowing it would create a drama and when you were told not to continue you did so anyway just so you could use me taking them down as a further pathetic excuse to call me it again and again. this whole report is skewed and you failed to mention how you refused to stop the harassment (because thats what this is) when i asked you to. Clunt has had a history of doing this and you even posted about joining in on it last night in discord KNOWING it will just cause drama. none of it was banter or a joke, it was plain and simple harassment and created to make me look like some monster that needs to be removed from staff just because s very small group of people dont like me because of petty shit such as you starting a drama then saying im the asshole for calling you out on your bullshit. All of this could have been avoided if you had used your head and realised that im doing way more good than ANY bad on the server and that "bad" is dealing with people like you that feel the need to attack me for simply being a staff that actually upholds the server rules. i asked you to stop and you ignored me. you proceded to use said spray again that was designed to harass and annoy me. dont try to manipulate people into think otherwise with this report when the problem was you. i only chatbanned you, another staff chatbanned clunt after he refused to stop when asked.
  11. I'll make the unban tomorrow ACCEPTED BUT PLACED ON PROBATION
  12. other reasons for this ban were that you and your friend will use the server as your own personal 1v1 server when the player count is low, i have heard this a few times along with many other complaints, i am also going to point out that on multiple occasions you will just run up and rdm someone (including me when im afk) then make up a random excuse to make it seem like it wasnt rdm. not to mention how you and your friend kill each other and make a bullshit rdm report about it. you have multiple karmabans on your account so saying that you only rdm accidentally is clearly false. if you were to be unbanned you will be on a probation and any further incidents will lead to you being permabanned again and you will not have the chance to appeal.
  13. I think you have the wrong server, we have no record of your ban.
  14. Issue is being dealt with, thank you for making the report.
  15. 1. You have provided nothing in terms of an apology or understanding of what you did wrong. 2. How long its been since the ban plays no factor in your chances of being unbanned, this goes for your 400+ hours of play time too. 3. Your attitude shows you have not learnt and will more than likely continue similar behaviour in the future. DENIED.
  16. wasn't you last app denied like a month ago for your age, this app still says you are too young
  17. Aeyon

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted but you cannot control where or exactly when you end up. I wish I had a free unlimited internet connection anywhere I went.
  18. Aeyon

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, but you are still just as vulnerable to electricity as you are now. I wish I could pause time for everyone and everything around me, not including myself.
  19. Aeyon

    Corrupt A Wish

    I wish I could manipulate luck for either myself or a specific person.
  20. Aeyon

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted, each time time travel occurres a random body part will either shrink or enlarge by a random amount that can't be controlled.
  21. Because you haven't been warned and banned for it before unlike Doma.
  22. the reason for this ban just like the last time you were banned for this is the same, you are letting your friend live until its just you 2 left so you can then waste time, multiple people had made complaints during this time about you doing it. how am i meant to believe that you "didn't know he was a T" when i have personally seen you do this with another friend for multiple round in a row letting them kill people while you either watch them or turn a blind eye. TTT General Rules: Rule 17: Don't team up with players when you willingly know they're a traitor. (This includes turning a blind eye to traitor kills as an innocent) Traitor Rules: Rule 2: Traitors must actively attempt to complete the objective. I expected you to wise up and cut this out after the first time you were banned for this, clearly that wasn't the case and you still have the same disregard for server rules as before. I'll leave the decision to higher ups as i was the staff member made the ban.
  23. Can you not "bump" a post when the last comment made was only 2 days ago. At least wait a week of inactivity....
  24. Yeah I'll throw my +1 out here as i have seen improvements from you since your last application.
  25. Locking this post while staff look into it and to prevent any further "but he did or he said" arguments
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