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  1. completely, utterly boring
  2. really Good legs and avg upper body, because its a massive upgrade from my below average entire body where as big upper body and bad legs is only a half upgrade. also better legs means i can ride my bike more which would be sweet as. Would you rather be able to teleport or have super speed.
  3. A, because they're just ant's but BIG. regardless of size, they can be easily defeated by our intelligence and creations, but intelligence vs intelligence is unpredictable. would you rather A) Only ever hear from one ear B) Only ever see through 1 eye
  4. granted, but everyone else can only hear you speak gibberish i wish i could teleport
  5. unable to hear, also because i can still play videogames if im deaf would you rather count to 1 million, or say 1 million a million times
  6. Unlimited internet wherever i am would be dope cause im already poor as shit would you rather, kill the pets of 3 random children or kill all of your pets
  7. "as well as the removal of certain shit/over played maps." i definitely agree with higashi, as i would love to see a good rotation of brand new maps as well the removal of the over played mapss like complex/mote/minecrafts/pools. they're stale and boring and if they were gone, people would HAVE to play the new maps/underplayed maps. maybe not removing said maps permanently but swapping them out of the rotation for a month or so would be a good idea i also feel like having the t/d items changed up via removing unused one and adding completely new ones would change up the gameplay a bit. forums being unused isn't much of an issue, and i think it would be easier if more of the things suggested here were just added to the discord, such as a channel for model/map/t & d item suggestions and a channel for weekly/monthly polls for the addition of said suggestions every few weeks or so. Also promote the discord the way you said the forums should be promoted might help. i know a lot about and have had to deal with constant rule breaking and rdm going unpunished because of how unactive the majority of staff have been, as i have been playing (nearly) every single day for at least an hour or so, sometimes for most the day ever since i came back to this server in november after a 2 year gap of no gmod. it was the main reason i applied for staff and also the main reason i have been trying my best to be on everyday dealing with rule breakers and all of the reports. i understand that some of the staff may be bored of gmod or have actual jobs but i feel like some of the staff could definitely try to be a bit more active. i don't know about replacing the unused servers but taking them down would just be beneficial as they are rarely ever used and as such, a waste of money to host.
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=162235770 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1812851006 Because 40k is awesome and you're wrong if you think otherwise
  9. would definitely love to play slender, orange, canyon and lunar base again, loved those maps when i started playing ttt 4-ish~ years ago.
  10. pressing F8 will show you the full damage logs of that maps rounds (except for the round you are currently playing) + last round of previous map. just so you know for next time
  11. Morayfield, outer Brisbane area Dont remember most my names but this was like, 2-ish+ years ago? i was only there for like 1 month after. then i stopped playing gmod altogether up until, like, 2 months ago?
  12. Server(s): TTT SteamID: 76561198073368557 Age: 18 Total Hours Played on Flux: 218 Recommendation(s) from Staff: None About BruhMoment: i am out of school and currently doing work experience at Bunning's warehouse. I enjoy playing a large variety of video games, and really enjoy Gmod, with nearly 900 hours in it; the majority of it spent on ttt. I love cats, junk food, terraria and helping people out. i spend the majority of my time at home on the internet or ingame. Reason for Application: I decided to apply because i really appreciate this community and would like to keep it the least toxic it can be for everyone involved! i have read and understood the rules and i always try to follow them to the best of my ability and i am often bothered by all the people who break said rules when i am online and there are no staff members online. i believe i would be a good staff member as i am available nearly every single day; any hour of the day, and i enjoy helping people out and keeping people in line and to make sure the gameplay is enjoyable for everyone in the community. i will nearly always be available and i hope to improve this server, and myself. Previous Experience (if applicable): Trial mod -Poseidon TTT Moderator -5head TTT I also have experience of moderation from minecraft, terraria and discord servers and have owned my own minecraft server that i supported for a 1 year with 20+ players. Comments:
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