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  1. it's like you can't read or something
  2. You don't need evidence. We agree on the specifics of what happened. I'm not sure what Kat is calling a lie as she has provided no other response.
  3. Okay, I understand now. When you shoot at someone mid round it is not t-baiting. But when I do it at the start of the round it IS t-baiting. I stopped reading after you made that clear.
  4. Where are the lies? What the fuck? I did the exact same thing he did to bashful the timeframe is irrelevant. "It just so happens" and how do you know? You talked to Aligned? Either way it is irrelevant. He shot at bashful by mistake or not, then proceeded to kill him when bashful shot back. THE EXACT SAME THING I DID TO HIM. Then why was I slayed rounds later? He shot at me and I killed him. I never told you to shut up because you are a woman. You said I have a children brain and I can't think about things properly. That's called gaslighting when I clearly have thought about this very carefully.
  5. Starting off the current situation in which I will discuss in this thread is pretty petty and minor in hindsight. But it perfectly demonstrates the behaviour, attitude and actions of some of the moderators including Kat on the server every day. As a regular player of this server, some of the things and loopholes people are able to get up to and get away with on the server is ridiculous. I found even if I wholeheartedly believe I am in the right in my actions and in accordance to the rules on the server - if a VIP reports me, I am getting slayed no questions asked. This incident took place earlier today on innocentmotel. It was in the backroom of the lobby where I believe a Detective and 1-2 innocents were located camping out. Aligned was bhopping around the map and was being followed by bashful. I ran into them at the back entrance to the backrooms. All three of us were innocents. Aligned enters the door first followed by me then bashful. He turns around and fires a shot in our direction(through the doorway where me and bashful were located - this is important later) I immediately KOS him and return fire, and so does bashful. He kills bashful and I manage to kill him. The detective and other innocents witnessed this firefight and did not shoot me as they saw what had occured - attempted RDM. Bashful and I both reported him. I reported him for trying to shoot me and t-baiting causing RDM. Bashful reported him for RDM (as he was shooting at both of our directions). Kat deals with these reports as she is the only moderator on. She says that t-baiting is not slayable and that his actions were not against any server rules. When bashful questioned her about the RDM she said that Aligned killed in self defence because he only shot at ME. This is where it breaks down - Kats argument is pulled out of nowhere as she would have access to the death cam and she would have seen what had occurred. He shot at both of our directions. If anything bashful was justified in self defense, not Aligned. This is where we realise Kat is being facetious to protect her friend... or maybe it's just because it's a VIP I'm not sure why she did it. This is where I decide to experiment to see what happens if I reverse the roles. I decide to T-bait aligned a few rounds later. Sure enough he shoots back at me and gives me justification to shoot him in the head. He reports me and I give the same reasoning Kat gave us earlier - he shot at me therefore I'm allowed to kill him. I get a slay for 1 round for RDM. Kat explains that you can't T-bait and then kill someone as it is still RDM. When questioned about why bashful was killed a few rounds earlier she then reverts to "Well Aligned only shot AT bart" which she knows is bullshit. If you are shooting in the direction of two people standing together there is no way you can argue that he was only shooting at one of them. Aligned was T-baiting. He kills one of the people who return fire. NO SLAY. I was T-baiting. I kill the person who returned fire. SLAY. The exact same situation occurred with different outcomes yet only one person was slayed. Why? It is easy to assume that it is because Kat knows Aligned and is friends with him. He is also a VIP. This very simple experiment demonstrates how Kat and other moderators moderate the server. I have experience in moderating TTT servers and I know it can be a nightmare if you are the only one on a full server. That does not give an excuse to bend the rules in order to keep your friends happy (who you know do this type of shit all the time). It is not a good look for the server, especially when regular people playing can see the favouritism clearly. I know what Kat's excuse is for this behaviour is and it simply does not make sense. She is grasping at straws. Her only argument is that bashful was not being the one shot at. In any other situation if you see someone try and shoot someone out of nowhere you assume they are a traitor. So why is it bashful's fault for Aligned's actions? And why when I enact the exact same scenario with Aligned as the victim I am punished yet he is not? If you are friends with Kat or the other moderators who do this you will simply not understand. She either protects her friends out of her own will, or is lazy and does it because she thinks she can trust them. It has also come to my attention that during this situation Aligned and Kat were both in a call together in the Flux discord. This adds to my theory of them being friends and that is why this blatant favouritism occurred. This is not the only situation I or bashful have been put in due to favouritism of the moderators - it is the situation I have cared enough about to post here due to the nature of Kat's reaction on the server. From the bullshit excuses when it occurred due to the insults she said over voice. I was also made aware that she deals with a lot of abuse from people due to being a female. Why should I have sympathy for that if she deals abuse back out to me?
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