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  1. Yes this was from the shop, at the time just before posting the previous message. Someone had traded me $33600 for 10 crates, I would buy them, and trade them back and give the crates. Had done it many times without issue. This time, as I was in the menu buying the crates using the option to buy multiples at the same time, as I hit enter to buy I was killed buy explosion/jihad in game, the money disappeared and the crates didn't arrive in inventory. Neither crates or money have appeared since. I have done successful trades since this happened as well
  2. Hi guys, I was buying 10 abyssal crates and then got jihaded, the money is gone and I have no crates in my inv. Any help please? # 807 "Nigel Thornberry" STEAM_0:0:24214997 24:52 50 1 active
  3. Hi all, Returning to TTT after not playing in a while. I used to play in mindblast, icannt and kickass. My brother is Shifty Pete / P.A.L who made a few TTT maps including forest, plaza and castle (not on the rotation) I've seen a few names I remember from those years ago still playing.
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