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  1. aigth jump on and ill create one at 69420
  2. alright ill give you 420,690
  3. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:91160016 Age: 19 Current Server Level: 17 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Kat , Jaska About Sir Chompy: recently started a new apprenticeship and got back into Gmod, After not playing for ages I found flux again as I use to play religiously on the classic server a while back and was shocked to see the growth and changes to server and was sad that I stopped playing and remaking friendships with players from classic server and making some new ones on the new I've fallen back into love with Gmod and need to play something else hahaha. I've been playing Gmod since i was young too young to remember age but I have always been drawn to ttt and staffing so that's why I am here and I hope that everyone remembers me Reason for Application: The server player base has grown a lot since I played on classic and am here to offer my services to the server as sometimes there's only one mod on stuck to deal with a packed server and I saw you've gotten two new staff members recently so i obviously don't expect this to be accepted right away if at all i'm just saying that that offer will stand if you guys need a new staff member as I personally have plenty of experience with this server and staffing in general Previous Experience: Like I stated earlier I have been playing Gmod since I was young and since the game first got popular around 2011 I played on another account that was my brothers and then this account on which I have had 20+ staff positions on a variety of servers each with different rules and mind sets and with this experience I am fast at adapting and understanding situations and am unbiased as one can be. I was t-mod for you guys ages ago but couldn't keep the position due to personal matters making it hard for me to play on the server so i was inactive. Additional Comments: Waiting for some replies for recommendations
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