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  1. Mate, you're struggling to spell and punctuate. Your sentences are incoherent as fuck, can someone just lock this thread? There's a complete lack of meaningful contribution at this point.
  2. Can we just lock this thread? This is literally concerning to read, I don't think you graduated high school.
  3. This is why I'm astounded that this shit is public. Random people, who are not involved or Staff, come on to do their little GMod administrator roleplay. This is not a mod application, I have no idea why you decided to come on and -1/neutral (like it matters). Now I have to respond to this rubbish when I literally didn't want to be involved. There is a 30 minute uncut video that the staff has access too, I do not know why you think you needed to comment when you have knowledge of only a fraction of the situation. For context, I wasn't involved until Mudcrab started saying weird, creepy and downright gross shit to Milk (unprovoked, mind you, despite your victim blaming). For instance, here is the type of shit he was saying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4yqRDy5H3I Further, he was being explicitly racist toward Aboriginals. Now, the person in-hand, might have started it with Coolguy/Golden first, but Mudcrab decided to hop in for no reason just to say ridiculously bigoted shit, like below. The dude wasn't even talking to him and he decided to be overtly racist for no reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0de1jV8mNtc Not only did the Staff do nothing about this, but they actually joined in: So please, mind your victim blaming and stay out of situations that have nothing to do with you. Your comment was redundant and contributed nothing. It is stated in the original post that the uncut, unedited video has been sent to the appropriate Staff. Who, conveniently, isn't you. You've been apart of the community for like what, 3 months? And yet you apparently know that Milk purely goes on to get reactions out of people?
  4. -1, bit of a character gripe. Contributed to spreading a false, unsubstantiated and malicious rumour of me bullying a kid until he cried, which deadset just never happened & had to clarify in VC. Also somehow shamed Josh for calling out a dude well into his 30s for sending sexually charged messages to a 16-year-old. Bit of a strange -1, but not exactly a great look if you ask me. Was a bit of a clusterfuck of a situation all round, but I think the standard for staff should be higher than the rest of the community. The rest of us aren't exactly applying for Staff, are we.
  5. Okay, I was actually more or less on board with you until this reply. I thought I was pretty fair in my response and spoke rather neutrally, but this is ridiculous. What do you think this is? This is a Garry's Mod server, not a presidential election. You make it sound like this is some coordinated cabal-level attack on your character, nobody cares that much. Those quotes were pulled out of a channel full of dozens 1-off funny things people say on the server. It's predominantly whowho quotes, who is someone Josh/Live & I are rather friendly with. Nobody cares about you that much to plan some coordinated all out assault. Your application was created on the 6th of July. You said "blm is legalised white racism" on the 12th of July as timestamped on Discord below. This is also true with the trans quote in my post, which again as timestamped by discord, was said on the 11th of July. I've personally experienced you utter wildly incorrect, uneducated and plainly dangerous things on the server about COVID-19 & COVID-19 vaccines. I've heard you go on what can only be described as a hateful and ignorant rants about Muslims. You chanted repeatedly "LGB drop the T", as if it was some kind of warcry, please explain how that's a 'satirical joke'. You went on further anti-Semitic and racist rants about Indonesia and their predominantly Islamic population. I'm a shit-stirrer and instigate on the server, I'll never deny that but I'm not the one applying for Admin. You're extremely fortunate that I couldn't be fucked shadowplaying what you were saying over voice chat. I'm sure I could rack my brain for more examples. It's not exactly like you know how to filter your thoughts. This is enough to demonstrate how wildly bigoted and racist you are. The fact that you feel no issue posting this publicly on the forums for everyone to see is concerning, imagine what else you say in private. This is such a simplified, uneducated, ignorant and stupid take on hundreds and hundreds of years of nuanced oppression, ostracisation, marginalisation and discrimination of ethnicity/race. There's a lot more to BLM protests than this, and a hell of a lot of history leading up to it. "Without police intervention" yeah okay, ignoring the blatant hundreds of videos of police escalation using tear gas, flash bangs, bean bag grenades and rubber bullets on what was peaceful protests until they started attacking people. All of this is beyond the point, a fucking Garry's Mod server is not the time nor place to air your political grievances with the world. It's only going to cause chaos to what is already a very chaotic server. I recant what I said earlier about you being staff later down the line, you've shown absolutely zero self-awareness and that you're practically incapable of introspection. Allowing someone like this to be Staff on the server would be a shitshow. There might be a serious activity problem with staff on the server, but granting you any sort of power is a horrendous idea. When people tried to come with some constructive criticism, instead of contemplating it and maybe reflecting, you went straight to lying about when things were said. You insinuated that this was some kind of coordinated attack but no, all we did was listen to the ugly things that come out of your mouth. Besides, I think it's clear to me that you want Staff for some cringe sense of "status", which is beyond pathetic as it's status on a GMod server. I've heard that on another server (Poseidon I believe), you acting like you were everyone's friend until you got Manager, then acted as if you were above everyone else below you. I fail to see how aspergers has any role in this. I myself have ADHD, which is remarkably similar to Aspergers/Autism neurologically/symptomology wise, and somehow, by some miracle, I have managed to go without anti-semitic and or racist rants. Funny how that works innit. -1, I will be dumbfounded if this application gets accepted.
  6. This is definitely a cop out, you cannot seriously claim everything you've said on the server about muslims, race, religion, sex and the LGBT community as a whole were "satirical jokes". Some maybe, but there have been a lot of comments of a questionable nature, at the bare minimum. These extend to things like uneducated and drastically incorrect claims about COVID and COVID vaccines, which is a whole other bag of worms. Things like: 05:47:33 PM TheDevastator05: Blm is legalised white racism 08:20:31 PM [VIP] Josh: TheDevastator05 would you date a guythat's transitioned to a girl? 08:20:40 PM TheDevastator05: Id rather die 08:25:21 PM TheDevastator05: and Im not interested in anyonewith a mental illness These are very clearly statements, and do not fall under the realm of 'satirical jokes'. Whether there's context that can be further elaborated on is open for debate, however, I think anyone with functioning critical thinking skills can discern that these are not satirical jokes. I'm not even going to bring up morality, or how accurate these type of statements are because it's simply irrelevant. I don't necessarily think you're a bad dude, but I do not think a staff member should be airing such opinions. These type of comments are relatively provocative and with the way the GMod already community is, it's only gonna ark up the cancer people on the server. The precedent that accepting this application would set would be abhorrent. It would basically greenlight the community to be openly homophobic, xenophobic, anti-Semitic, transphobic and so forth. More than it already is, anyhow. I already think the N-word spam on this server is fucking ridiculous, and accepting this app would legitimise if not cause this type of behaviour.
  7. ^^^ pretty much ditto. Pretty easy -1, massive minge and he pretty much alludes to that himself in the application. Besides, genuinely difficult to tell whether this application is serious or not, which isn't a great sign in itself.
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