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  1. Thing is the rules can be taken that way. Perhaps rewording them is in order? Like rules shouldn't need to go to the forums to be discussed otherwise that means they're unclear in meaning
  2. This had nothing to do with the turtle: It had everything to do with Mysterious' behaviour as traitor revealing Hades as T. Mysterious killed Bobby and I responded; Hades did not. Therefore Hades was a T because he didn't attack Mysterious in turn and It was confirmed when I killed him. This isn't about ratting out Kat LOL it's about changing god damn ambiguous rules
  3. Hello there fine sir. I would like to request that the "Use common sense" rule be revised as it can be taken many different ways. Your mod Kat doesn't seem to think the mentioned below reasons are common sense. 1. When I come on the server to enjoy myself and I do(Kudos to you) I keep getting slain twice for always kills a T by association. You see the rule of common sense states that Traitors will act like Traitors when around their buddies. So the very actions of one traitor around his fellows makes it obvious who is a traitor with him if that person does not reacte to his traitorous behaviour. Every time I do it I kill the T not killing the other T so that piece of common sense is correct. Why should I get slain for obeying the rule? 2. Ts who make it quite obvious and I mean they don't even attempt to hide that they press a T trap button. Common sense points straight to them and I kill them for it. I am right in killing them because firstly they are a T upon Id of the body and secondly I followed the rule of "use common sense". So can you revise this rule please. Kat has slain me enough times for keeping the law. Thanks God speed
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