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  1. These are some guns that could be added (1911) (M4A) (Thompson) (spaz)
  2. you fun to play with and the amount of times your FAT BEAN has gotten in my crossfire. hope yo see you once im back
  3. you'd be a great mod and don't we all make racist comments and shit like that anyways he has every right to be a mod and will be a great one
  4. (Instant reload) i think it could use a 5% or 10% buff (Fire burning) 5% buff (reversal) -5 (Vampire) healing increases by 3 Just a thought
  5. +1 Couldnt agree more a great guy follows rules like 90% of the time and is a great fit for mod and knows things about the game
  6. Is all you do is post mod ideas andΒ when are u ever playing again or you far gone?

  7. Static) makes peoples screen see static a few times randomly after being shot 10%
  8. I'm taking a break from PC either few Weeks or Months

  9. WhoWho im seeing my gf a lot more and all im taking a break from PC you may see me in a few weeks or months but ill always bring mod ideas and random dumb shit
  10. (HeadCrab) Dead body's can 10% to have a HeadCrab attack (Shatter) bullets can shoot out of someone like a trap after killing them IM RUNNIBNG OUT OF DUNMB IDEAD
  11. indeed it would be it would be so hard to handle
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