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  1. highest effort mod app i've ever seen
  2. Thought I'd make a post because it's 3am and I'm bored, some years ago I wouldn't dare go near flux, kinda had a bad rep then, but times have changed and here I am, I'm glad I decided to load up G-mod to play some TTT for the first time in around a year because I've met some really great people so far in my 1-2 weeks of being here, I've come across a bunch of old friends that play which has been really nice, but more importantly made some new friends and repaired broken ones, I appreciate the fuck out of you guys, I'm generally a reserved person, but fun loving and somewhat mature to a degree cause I'm getting kinda old feelsbadman, I actually believe my tolerance for idiots came from TTT from being a mod for a few different servers but I have no idea how you guys cope over here it seems pretty hectic :') A couple things about me, I love music, nature, computers, guitars, gaming (obviously, I am somewhat of an epic gamer myself), bush walks/bike rides, would love to travel to at least 150 countries yet I haven't even left this one, I aspire to create my own band someday. I'm also a conservative politically which has really brought out some libtards (InspectorKitty) lmao jk I actually hate discussing politics though because it's fucking boring and ruins friendships. Thank you guys for being awesome I love yall peace
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