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  1. +1 called me gae for being gae. I know how dare I dare call you a woman
  2. After I get the smokes to go with the milk. I'm not superman
  3. My god it's you really know me? and I can try but the gun point where it point
  4. Dude I am trying. After 10 years my knees are fucked hence why I'm getting out for hopefully an aviation job haha
  5. Hey everyone I have been lurking here for a long time and finally decided to make an account. You probably see me on most days as I have no life and try to share the misery. I’ve been on flux for a few years now and it’s probably the best community I have been a part of to date little about me: 27 year old concreter working his way to getting a bachelor degree and his pilots license and former full time alcoholic if you don’t see me around I’m probably dead
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