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  1. Forgot to list hakkem because I'm tired, but hakkem jesus I was nothing but atrocious at the end. Im sorry and I know you won't accept it but I'm sorry regardless, and no amount of saying it will ever amend my behavior in the past.
  2. Yes I posted this, yes I'm actually saddened I said these things and ashamed of myself. Like I said, I wanted attention, and I regret every second of it. I'm not going to act like I wasn't a horrible person. La, to you in particular I'm sorry. Genghis too. I'm very, deeply ashamed of how I was and still feel bad.
  3. You're free to think what you will, people can and do change with time. Everyone goes through their own struggles and can change themselves by learning from mistakes. I was horrid to you all, and not only do I understand that fully I'm sorry for it all. I apologize not only to you all, and am quite ashamed of how I was. Making amends starts with the first step, so that's what this is.
  4. Server: Discord SteamID: n/a Reason for ban: Toxicity, being an asshole Issuing staff member: Ban length: Permanent Appeal: (Snake, sophilia,sophie, whatever you know me as here) Ohhhh boy where to begin with this. Firstly, wookie, milk, hakkem.. I'm so sorry for how I behaved towards you three. (No surprise here) I wanted attention and was in a slump in my life and used the drama and attention as a means of escapism. It's no excuse at all for how I behaved and I'm sorry. I've been gone a long while now and had a long time to think and reflect on
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