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  1. I'm all for having someone turn a new leaf. Active mods is something we need more of. +1
  2. Incident occurred on TTT, at 04/15/21 24:00 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198060867486 Reported Player: Hades (76561198028695244) Description of incident: Ongoing and persistent RDM when no staff are online. This player from my knowledge has previously been banned for the same actions and has obviously not learnt their lesson. Having this player online when there is no staff adds only a negative experience. Evidence: https://imgur.com/a/C2HQoWT
  3. I see this as a prime example of the literal "Sheep" mentality that has plagued our server for weeks now. There has been a collective effort from you and multiple others (who have been banned for the same issue) to ruin the victim's time on the server. Although what you did is extremely wrong and illegal, I genuinely believe you did it for a laugh amongst you and the small group of others who have been targeting this player, I just think you took the joke to another level which is just wrong. You are a long time flux member and my opinion would be very different if you were otherwise. You also have taken the time to be remorseful and transparent in your appeal and that really shows. I think you need to understand like actions such as these can really impact a person's mental health, this constant barraging you and other's have been doing to this victim is just absurd and it was only a matter of time until you were all perma-banned, pretty mmuch all of this group is now banned. I believe you deserve some form of punishment . I'm neutral on this. I would also like to add that I have never witnessed you acting out like this on any previous occasions, I think you just wanted to fit in with a small group of players and your actions in this incident reflect that.
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