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  1. +1 While I don't really want to out myself, I feel like most people on the server already know. People often do or say dumb shit simply thinking "Hey this'll probably get a few good laughs", Sheep is no exemption to that. I don't think he fully realised what he was doing when he made the spray, just thinking people would laugh. While, yes, it made me very uncomfortable, as a female that plays games I'm more than aware that I am going to be at the receiving end of degrading jokes and insults. But Sheep had no prior history of being unkind to me whatsoever, I believe that he did not make the spray out of malicious intent. I disconnected from the server after it was sprayed more to avoid the harassment of people on the server that DO go out of their way to be incredibly rude as I knew it would be used as ammunition, which it was. While I hold no hard feelings, I do believe you should have some kind of punishment more so you will know not to do it again, but I think you've learned your lesson.
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