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  1. Server(s): TTT SteamID: YaBoiHustler Age: 22 Total Hours Played on Flux: 772 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Generic birbobert Debla EDIT: Taylor8380 as well About YaBoiHustler: Where to begin? I spend most of my time at the moment playing video games, whether it ranges from being on console or PC. I especially enjoy my game time with my mates, whom of which i secretly like to one up Reason for Application: I enjoy the time spent on the server and even more so when its not in chaos. I wish to help make it a better place. I suppose the staff members are ok too Previous Experience (if applicable): I was once a staff member on this server, but left to deal with some personal matters. I also was an admin on another server way back when. Its offline now and I forget the name of it Comments: I understand that the amount of times I have left doesn't look good for the record, but my personal matters have been dealt with and I intend to stay this time. The server and its people mean a fair deal to me, and its only recently that I have realised how much of an impact they have had. Thanks for taking the time to consider/read this application
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