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  1. +1 i await to see this man return to the position of authority which he once had. If you haven’t already, +1 the bloke or ill steal your socks.
  2. +1 singlehandedly reunited east and west Germany and then proceeded to create a new country known as Brazil.
  3. I reckon you haven’t seen Uluru, i mean does it really even exist? I own two cats, I’ve flown in a C-130J, i’ve owned 5 guitars.
  4. Hello all This website finally let me create a forum profile so i thought it'd be only appropriate to introduce myself. I've been playing Garry's Mod for quite a while now, i used to be quite active in darkrp servers until i came to my senses and played the superior mode (TTT). For my personal life i am an avid aviation enthusiast and plan to join the RAAF sometime next year (want to work with sniffer dogs and such) , i also dream on working on a project car suited for drift events and also a huge car enthusiast (dream car is an RX-7 Spirit R in Blue Mica). I love playing my guitar and have been practicing for some 8 years now, i mostly play heavy metal (mostly Metallica) and various other tunes that i like the sound to. I also play a ton of other games, my favourites include: DCS, Escape From Tarkov, CSGO and Mordhau Cheers all and glad to be on the forum -Comrade
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