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  1. Somebody just salty they didn't get staff lmao go spend another 2k and you might get there buddy.
  2. +1 - STO has generally made my experience playing on FLUX a better one, as well as many others. Since day 1, always a good laugh, and is missed on the server. Seems generally sorry, which should be forgiven.
  3. +1 Gets the Mars Bar tick of approval. Good lad.
  4. Incident occurred on TTT, at 07/24/20 19:00 GMT+10. My SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56311665 Reported Player: Eshay (STEAM_0:0:42735865) Description of incident: RDM x4 - Lying on reports to make him not get slayed - x3 Inno, x1 Traitor, Blatant false KOS - again, lied on report. Toxic behaviour in general - "You mad" "Salty?" ect. Evidence:
  5. -1 - As Aeyon mentioned, doesn't take stuff serious, constant mic spam, and break rules with no moderators on - sort of like if i was to apply...
  6. I will try and cut it up to upload onto Youtube to contain all details. Understood where it was 100% being dished out, but the fact he had to physically type out the responses doesn't show defence. If it was voice chat - fair enough as its much easier to press that PTT button, then physically type out these messages, and respond - as mentioned above this happened for 1-2 hours while I was online, who knows how it followed. I simply ignore chat messages on text now, as there is a few toxic players that are there just to set others off (This will be posted soon when I have all my evidence in place.) As mentioned, they we're definitely dishing it, but there's no need to respond how they both did.
  7. I do understand, Polo said more but I personally felt popcorn's statements we're worse. It was a more back and forth between all 4 players, but the other 2 you mentioned are already in the eyes of moderators, so I felt this was not needed to be mentioned. The whole night was essentially the 4 players bitching about who was "blacker" and how eachother was not "black" - there was a mixture of RDM, and False KOS by all 4 members, so to just blame it on the 2 mentioned by Popcorn is pretty average. I do have recording, but this also stands over about 1 hour of gameplay, if not more. As much as the other two were there for trolling aspects, the bite back wasn't needed. - And as mentioned above the other two are in watch from other moderators.
  8. Incident occurred on TTT, at 06/09/20 22:00 GMT+10. My SteamID: STEAM_1:1:56311665 Reported Player: PopCornDE Supps.gg Flux (STEAM_0:0:191776677) Description of incident: Just constant racism in text chat, pretty unnecessary stuff. As well as constantly KOS'ing people based off "colour" and at the start of round with no evidence to KOS. As much as I would typically let this past, PopCorn has complained about others doing this, and reported others for this kind of stuff as well as gotten staff involved previously, sucked up to them to make him look like the good guy - It's probably time other staff saw what his really like when no staff are online. Also included is Polo. Evidence:
  9. My opinion obviously doesn't matter, but in the chat you see Ghost Dragon say "Im with draino" at the same time as KOS came over from Draino, I myself would take that as a KOS ghost, as most people do this but in voice chat. Such as "Im with Aeyon if-" then people would KOS aeyon. Just my 2 cents
  10. At no stage we're individual players "abused". As mentioned, the suggestion wasn't ignored - I had responded as to why I haven't which you then gagged me once again for responding about the situation. The rest of the player base on the time weren't disrupted, rather most we're interested what was happening, as it was intresting fact's being presented. I was going off what the ban reason was, which was the name - although yes, need's to change his name, a permanent ban for this reason alone was unjustified - if there's other surrounding issues that fair, but should have been included to avoid confusion. I didn't ignore, as mentioned a number of times - I couldn't. You then gagged me for the rest of the night, so there was no chance for the situation to die down - rather you threw petrol on a dying fire by gagging me for responding to a simple question that YOU asked me. This would be a simple answer as to frustration, players want to enjoy the game and not need to go in circles by reporting players on the forums, constantly recording game play as proof ect, They should be able to use the RDM manager report tools and justice should be served - Throughout the last couple days, myself and STO have reported multiple players for RDM which Slade has refused to do anything over because we called him out regarding a false slay. Unfortunately, as a trial moderator, he needs to gain respect and show his role, when he simply ignores our reports because of this, we lose respect and care-less about his role. Theirs multiple moderators I have respect for because they keep the game fair, and accept if they make a mistake but slade is refusing to do-so, which in a management / moderator position is the complete opposite to what he should do, its lead by example. Look, I will own this, and apologise as it wasn't necessary - but the fact still stands from above. Frustration gets the better of everybody. If favouritism, and the persona of "Can't touch me, because I am the law" was to drop, myself and many other players not just STO would no longer have an issue with Slades work, and would be happy to play along with
  11. As previously mentioned by other people, a reset would be good - potentially at the end of finical year and make this a recurring time for the server. This would give plenty of warning it's coming. Maps, Itemshop Weapons and Player Models - Leave popular ones in, take non-popular one's out for new ones - make the newer ones higher priced, the older lower priced - and constantly cycle these throughout the years of resets. Donator Issue - Donator's / VIP's, keep their ranks and are restored their original purchases - but all physical items are reset. - Or even just a flat rate donator point issue (say all donator's receive 1000 points apart of the reset - but make this known to future donators) Player Level // Times - Physical level is reset, but playtime is not. Money Balance - Reset completely. A reset will definitely help improve the community, as the server continues to change, and it's not skewed to the veterans - new players can join in and have the same advantage as veterans.
  12. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:56311665 Reason for ban: "Constant Abuse To" Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: 7 Days Appeal: Claimed by Aeyon there was "Constant Abuse to" - assumed this was supposed to say moderator team. - 28/05/2020 - requested by Aeyon via voice chat to explain "Why I dislike him and Slade", so I did. I mentioned previous incidents where himself had RDM'd another player, but didn't slay himself, and when Slade slayed someone, after he T-Baited 4 witnesses on his ALT. - But that's not why I'm here reporting, as I don't have recorded proof. He claimed this was false, and that I should report him on the forums, but I don't record my games, I like to enjoy them - so I had no proof - Doesn't bother me in the slightest they're still moderators, but I'm allowed to dislike somebody. I was gagged instantly for stating these facts, and was then un-gagged 4 rounds later. When I was un-gagged, a few rounds later, I was requested by Aeyon to not discuss this further on the server, and to make a report on the forums - which I stated I did not hold proof for, as again - I don't record my games. This is when other members of the voice chat pipped up about the issue, and once again was gagged by Aeyon, and not ungagged. I'd make small remarks like "Look out Aeyon//Slade is on", if it was myself with players that we all get along - simply because we like to enjoy the game, this could range from dicking around and not taking the game super serious due to low player numbers (under 7 players online at this stage, all actively being involved in the activities with no complaints, at no stage would this contain blantent RDM) - to one warn the players an admin is on, and we have to start playing serious, but to also alert the other players online that there's another person on the server, who may not want to take part in said activities and that we should play the game for what it's made for, while his online. I may also in some instances when joining say a phrase such as "Oh Aeyon//Slade is on, that mean's there's no fun", this simply refers back to what I said earlier regarding the activities - These are typically on much later in the night, with a small player base on. While I don't condone abuse to any player, I believe the definition of abuse has been missed with this ban. "Treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly.". At no instance, had the event's of the 28th of April been repeated, and at no stage any threatening behaviour was expressed from myself. I have simply been expressing how I felt about these two particular members of the management team, and at no stage was this to be made as "abuse". The comments made by myself, we're also not slandering the management team or Flux Servers, these we're recounts on previous events I had witnessed. I do understand the fact - I was asked by Aeyon to stop talking about it on the game and report it on the forum, and then I had then discussed it once again - but this was a simple response back to Aeyon, You can't say one thing then gag me because I responded to what you said - This in my eye's is abuse, and I believe I made that clear on the server. I believe the whole situation was blown out of proportion by Aeyon, with jumping in with voice chat swearing at myself and 2 other members which was unnecessary, permanently banning one person for not changing his name instantly (middle of a round, quite a bit hard too) and banning another for the same reason as myself. The situation was not stressful in the slightest, so the behaviour displayed by Aeyon wasn't justified in the slightest. I know I do push the boundaries in some instances, but this I don't believe a boundary was pushed. I have played with server for over 1 year now, very much on-and-off, but have only received 3 other bans, with we're all karma related when there was a low staff team and myself and multiple other still to this day active members would take issues into our own hands when a person would enter the server just to RDM and ruin the game for others. A simple warning message would be appropriate to this situation, and as I mentioned earlier - yes, I was asked to stop talking about it in game chat, but I simply responded to Aeyon's, and other server community members questions.
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