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  1. Glad you remember our dinosaur chicken nuggies convo man threads ads picking up speed can’t keep up. It’s like a family reunion
  2. Glad you remember i don’t do well with writing long posts, is that a crime? whos sending for all the people who quit?
  3. I didn’t reveal anything? Now we’re going back to stage 1
  4. I’m already banned off this, no harm in appealing, but maybe they’ll keep unbanning cheaters for a 2nd chance (once a cheater always a cheater) over someone who made a bad choice. vulcan won’t ban me, sorry
  5. I’m just trying to appeal the ban, you Guys making it 100x harder, wasn’t even going to make this account if y’all didn’t ask questions
  6. I don’t take slanderous accusations like that lightly (are you defending what he said?). Not sure if that’s a good thing
  7. Actually they said “welcome” and “a flux member :cooldog:” and “flux hisss” but ok keep making stuff up As for dreambot ping, was just making a point that I’m part of that community too. since you think I’m so terrible and can’t exist in a community and have to make some slanderous accusations to try ruin my reputation (assuming that was the goal). (which I’m contemplating taking up with police FYI). You guys are so fixated on pings holy moly “he ping me reeee” https://ibb.co/kXR7HMW
  8. It’s all on bhop and prophunt qt
  9. Sure, I’ve said some questionable things, main one was to wolfy i haven’t gone and said you wanted to rape someone though 2 completelyyyyyyyy different things
  10. Are you... ok? That wasn’t a PM. he Came to the other community (just then) and started posting shit cmon man, get it together
  11. wow this is quite ironic and awkward Someone posting my private messages
  12. FYI, Clair was the one who joined and started shit stirring sounds like he’s the one bringing drama into other communities, suppose you wouldn’t want to believe that
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