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  1. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:60434533 Reason for ban: Harrassment/abuse, calling out T buddies and targeted RDM Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: 17/05/20 - 24/05/2020 (7 Days) Appeal: It started when I right click crow barred an AFK “king cock” from where the helicopter on ttt_lego usually lands in the centre of the map and explodes/crushes anyone too close, in the log it stated I had done 4x 25 damage to “king cock” this resulted in him having seen it said I killed him, thus he had reported me for “propkill”, I was issued an autoslay by Gluttony the next round (if it were to be kept I would be slayed the following round) I explained that the helicopter doesn’t show who pressed the “Helicopter Traitor Button”, and since I was the last person to “hit him” with my crowbar (right click does not inflict damage and does not show up in logs, but if they are pushed off a building - meaning they died to the world or etc - it states I had killed him). Gluttony had removed the slay after I had explained it. The following round “king cock” as soon as he saw me, he killed me, I reported him, he put in a vulgar report response, was then slayed for RDM. Following round, Gluttony had disconnected along with the other believed staff member on, “king cock” killed me off of spawn each round, being innocent each time. At the final round, I said “KOS king cock and STO” because of me being a T and being a bit angry with the situation, them being Traitors as well, king cock killed me with an AWP then got karma banned at the rounds end. STO had disconnected on the next map, and I left on round 4/5. Yes I do understand in that situation I could of muted them, and not said what I said, but with my mental issues (that isn't an excuse for my behaviour, it was disgusting at the time) it is very hard to do so. I don't mind not getting unbanned because I saw the grounds that I was banned on, but I would like to see him banned as well. P.S This report might came off f***ing horribley because I am running low on sleep and am stressed for other reasons, so if clarification is needed I will provide it. The video does start the round after the "propkill" (helicopter death) occurred, Gluttony confirmed my side of the story after watching the scene replay. The final round of me calling out my T-buddies was not in my capture folder, because I didn't believe anything left in it was needed to be clipped.
  2. +1 Active when available player, follows rules to my knowledge. Friendly player and has helped me in the past to make my gaming experience smoother.
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