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  1. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:56835942 Reason for ban: Harrasment through spray + Doxxing Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: Permanent Appeal: Hi all, Firstly I would like to acknowledge that is appeal is in no way defending my actions, as part of the reason for my ban was literally due to the fact that I committed a crime on the server, I am not asking to be unbanned as I would not want Flux Servers to be seen as a platform that adds incentive to acts similar to what I did on the 10th of September at 6pm Sydney time. Most of you will know for a fact that I enjoy making sprays that often poke fun at others for the sake of getting a laugh out of everyone, these sprays typically were aimed at Aeyon and I can say for a fact that I was one of the people that started this trend that caused Aeyon noticeable distress, with others going further than I did which resulted in them too, receiving permanent bans from Flux Servers. I am in no way a “model” player as my actions and ways of communicating within the community often represent that of a troll or keyboard warrior, I’ll RDM for the sake of a joke without taking into account that I may of ruined someone else's round when in fact they may not have as much time to play games as me due to their own IRL circumstances. With all this being said, it’s time to address the reason for my ban, I must ask that members of the community do not try to reach out to the victim of this ban reason as I feel I have already done enough damage with this specific incident. Previously a member of the community had posted (albeit accidentally) the link to their OnlyFans account in TTT text chat, where they mentioned that it only contained softcore pornography and nothing too graphic, during the days following this, other players and I joked around with the victim about subscribing to their OnlyFans so we would have and I quote “more content for funny sprays”, to which the victim just laughed off, this response was not consent yet I still acted upon it assuming they wouldn't mind, this was my first mistake. After spending , I found some pictures from their OnlyFans after passing the PayWall, I used one of the pictures to make a spray that featured a Wookie player model covering up the lewd body parts and stating “[VICTIM NAME]’s Only Fans is temporary, Wookies are for life”. After making this spray and uploading it to my game files, I had still yet to ask the soon to be victim about their opinion on it, as despite the fact they knew I had subscribed, were still unaware of my intent to use the spray. At this time we were all in discord and on the server together, with about 5 of us present in discord and about 18 players in the game. I then hopped back on to the server and used the spray, a few people found it funny but the victim then proceeded to leave the server and the discord, then got in contact with Aeyon letting him know of the situation, Aeyon then asked me to not use the spray which I agreed to, then proceeded to carry out the permanent ban on my account. It’s worth mentioning here that by using my credit card and IRL info for the OnlyFan’s purchase, the victim had every opportunity to leak my information and doxx me, all of the information related to my career and work for a number of companies in New Zealand could have been leaked out in the event the victim had decided to do so, however, they instead refunded my purchase and did not disclose any information to others, this is another part of the reason as to why I feel so guilty about the entire situation. As mentioned at the start, I am not expecting any outcome from this post, I just feel that it is only right that my actions shouldn't be hidden as they hurt others. I in no way, shape or form expect my ban to be reduced from its current state as I feel it was justified. I am very sorry to the victim and those affected by the spray. If anyone has serious questions related to the post, I will happily answer them, however, any silly or troll-like comments left by the normal forum dwellers will unfortunately be ignored, sorry. ~ Sheep
  2. -1 The amount of spelling errors in this is horrendous.
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