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  1. My bad, it came down the line from Debla it wasn't his decision and seeing as you were the highest ranking most active staff member I assumed it was you. I'll edit... Edit: I can't edit
  2. Server: TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:0:51821134 Reason for ban: Constant Abuse and Harassment Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: Indefinite Appeal: Following up on a report from BlackOdyssey95, from one night in which I allegedly RDM'd him 3 times. Subsequently I was banned indefinitely for harassment. I'm not coming forth as a saint, or in any way suggesting I've done no wrong over my 3+ year play time on the server , however, as a direct result of my, at times questionable, decisions has resulted in my indefinite ban. So, firstly I'd like to draw attention to BlackOdyssey95's report, in which he states firstly; 'Description of incident: last few weeks have had nothing but issues with this bloke, constantly RDM every single game & every round that i jump on.' BlackOdyssey95 , provided nill evidence to support this claim. Rather, he posted merely three screenshots with no context, or any sort of reference to the date or time of said occurrences. Therefor we can only assume from what's provided seeing the same players frequently appearing across the three screenshots, these were all taken within a 1-2 hour period. These screenshots hardly quantify, I quote, ""Constant Abuse and Harassment". A single isolated incident in which yes, regrettably I got frustrated and took it into the game. However, this does not insinuate any form of "Constant Abuse and Harassment". Therefor I believe my temporary punishment through the means of a ban may have been necessary, however the vague and ill-defined ban for something I simply am not guilty of, is, at its core, unjust. If I was such an abuser / harasser then why haven't complaints been made prior to this, and why is "evidence" attesting to my accountability of these actions seemingly from a single, isolated incident. I can accept I have pushed buttons and most definitely crossed lines. I have contemplated incidents in which this was the case and had time to reflect on how I could've acted differently. A strong trait of my personality as a deviant is stirring the pot from time to time, but as a I grow older I see the only outcome of childish endeavours like these either result in disappointing others or myself. So I'll take steps to right wrongs and avoid tumbling down old ways to avoid any more confrontation if given the chance. Until then, I leave it to you, in the final analysis to come a conclusion if Flux TTT'S future has place for me. If it is to be I remain banned, so be it. No hard feelings, it was imperative to me I try. Thank you for consideration, Seasons
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