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  1. Alright man, if you want to sit here on your high horse and act like you don't troll and RDM thats fine, I'm not going to sweat over it.
  2. I mean even you know that is a blatant lie, for days you start spamming the mic baiting Ghoul as soon as you join the server? You've trolled him and me relentlessly, as we have trolled you - I'm not on here lying dude, no need to try act like you are a saint its trolling on a video game not a real world offence.
  3. Eh, not going to sit here and act like I didn't RDM you and Higashi, but Ghoul and I are not metagaming. You 2 constantly will troll via voice chat and say random shit or try play on Lil Peep's death as if it has any relevance? + you have RDM'd us on multiple times on multiple different occasions too, even though its childish of course I'm going to retaliate, to sit there and act like you are innocent is a complete load of crap.
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