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  1. I did not grab the damage logs as my report had already closed and I cannot access damage logs for the game or previous games as I am not mod/admin only shows a small section of logs for me. Thank you for taking a look at this though.
  2. Incident occurred on TTT, at 12/22/19 16:44 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198012997414 Reported Player: Shaun (STEAM_0:0:45726444) Description of incident: I was a T he walked into a room opened fire on me no proof or anything no KOS was called. I reported him next round he decides to RDM 4 people I report him and then he replies saying omg you are the biggest RDMer... Just overall toxic behaviour becomes difficult to enjoy the game with people like this. Thank you for taking care of this much appreciated, Tainted Striker Evidence: Insert/Remove Numbered List
  3. Hey guys, Reasonably new to the server just bought a new gaming PC so its been a few years since I have been playing pc games. I used to admin a server called NZgamers dont know if many people will remember but it was pretty popular a few years back :) Community seems pretty cool in this server and looking forward to playing and meeting you all. Cheers, Tainted Striker
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