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  1. I was warned for twice saying "fuck you _____" And telling a player to "eat my ass" The reason for warning "player harassment" I would like to start off asking if this staff member has been on the internet lately. As you can join any multiplayer game and hear far worse. When I think of player abuse, I image a player continuously making fun of their appearance / voice / age. The victim of my horrific player abuse also claims I RDM'd them, when it was crossfire. I believe warnings should be thought about a little bit more before handed out, as I am now here not talking on the server out of fear of offending someone. This issue could have been sorted through a discord dm and I would have gladly just apologised and explained i was meme'ing. I could not care less that I was warned, it was more the censoring of some server shit talk. This "abuse" was all in one round and I didn't even think of continuing, as that would be player "harassment". I said "Fuck you" twice to this player, as they had previously done so to me in the past, and I laughed it off. I was returning the banter and they claim that I was abusing them? I will attach the screenshots that were the reason I received a permanent warning against my account. The server player base is already declining, but the fact that staff are warning people with 13+ days, for some banter? Is poor censorship. One sided, and I would appreciate if this warning could be removed. This is a video I recorded a while back of the "victim" saying "Fuck you sharpie" repeatedly, but would like to pull the I am abused card when it benefits them. So I am posting this in questions, as I would like to ask the server Is two "fuck you's" And an "eat my ass bitch" , really enough for a permanent warning? What do you all think.?
  2. That's cool, I would appreciate if a staff member copy pasted the requirements. Who are you? I must have the wrong steamID Taylor.
  3. That's fine Nymodia, never really seen the point to being on the discord. I play on the server and talk to others when on TTT.
  4. Server(s): TTT SteamID: 76561197972338918 Age: 20 Total Hours Played on Flux: 154 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About Sharpie: I am currently a student, studying Nursing. My hobbies include gaming, and that is about it. I am a long time WoW player and TTT player. I have been playing on Flux TTT and only Flux TTT for a very long time. Reason for Application: I believe I have hit an amount of played time on this server that I understand how the staff operate ethically. I would like to be an addition to that team and make sure that the game is played fair and when I am online I can assist in that. Previous Experience (if applicable): Comments:
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