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  1. Baccy Beugs, We have had multiple complaints across several days with your conduct on the server, you also had multiple slays from your RDM and targeted player RDM which didn’t stop you then so I doubt you are sorry at all. You have around three days left until you are unbanned.
  2. Just as a note, evidence has been submitted of racism and verbal abuse of other players in the past. If you are deemed to be unbanned you would have to keep this in check.
  3. +1 Ghost dragon has had a positive impact and attitude on the server and has advised myself multiple times when Hackers/RDMrs and unsavoury folk have been on the server. I feel he will make a great addition to the moderation team.
  4. Thanks Fika for taking the time to read and respond with a well throughout response. Cheers.
  5. Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:13599495 Age: 30 Total Hours Played on Flux: 400 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Aeyon About Berts: I’m Bert, I am a KIWI , and I have been playing video games since I was young, it started off with my first console the Sega and getting very frustrated playing Alex Kidd without being able to save and always dying. I then moved onto the PlayStation (which I never got to own but every kid had one) I then got given the Nintendo 64 and couldn’t get enough of Mario and Golden eye. I remember Golden eye was split screen and my friends and I would place cardboard in the middle on the TV to stop screening haha. Finally got me a PC and never looked at a console again. Outside of gaming I play Airsoft, Casual Rugby and do some volunteer work for my local Police Station. I moved to Australia late 2007 and have been working full time at a local council but have the ability to create my own working roster so I can keep a good work life balance. I have been an admin for a lot of games but I am really addicted to Team Fortress 2 and TTT, Started playing Gmod after it came out and mostly played the Sandbox mode but once I found the TTT gamemod I was hooked and the rest is history. Im a really chilled out person, it takes a lot for something to get on my nerves, I have a lot of experience in moderation of servers and feel I would be a good candidate for Flux. Reason for Application: When I joined Flux I was looking for a player base that was regular, players that you could recognise and have fun with, a good community is what I was looking for and Flux has ticked those boxes for me, I have been an admin for TTT and I recognise it can be stressful and draining at times. So while I think the server is being moderated great at the moment I would also like to pitch in and help keep a good rotation of mods on and to share the load to keep it fun and enjoyable for all. Previous Experience (if applicable): 13 Years’ experience as an Admin. Game Server Admin (TTT, Counter-Strike Source, Team Fortress 2, Zombie Panic Source, Minecraft and ARK. Voice: TeamSpeak, Mumble, IRC, Discord) For the past 13 years I have only been a part of one gaming community located in New Zealand (it has had a few name changes over the years (ICONZ,Clearnet Delux, On3) but now goes by the name GetSome and has always been Hosted by Vodafone New Zealand. Started off as a moderator for TF2 back in 2007 then by 2009 I was promoted to Game Server Admin for all Servers and have access to RCON for all. I am still an admin for GetSome Servers which all have Discord relays and alert logs so you can admin outside of the games when needed (chat spam, Racism, name changes ect) Comments: Regular activity on Discord has been listed as a requirement to be a moderator, while I keep an eye on it daily and use it to alert when mods are needed, I don’t really post a lot, I think the age gap contributes to this and I don’t really find anything I can contribute to most convos, in saying that I feel my experience and being active in the game server this could be overlooked hopefully. Feel free to ask any questions below.
  6. Higashi as I said I only Joined the server at round 7 I had no time to "RDM" you, the logs are at your disposal, feel free to post up the screenshots of the two times I RDMd you and the two others I also RDMd to back up your claims.
  7. Incident occurred on TTT, at 12/22/19 19:00 GMT+10 (Sydney). GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561197987464719 Reported Player: Higashi (STEAM_0:1:42119057) Description of incident: I join the map Whitehouse at round 7, I get the role of traitor, I kill Higashi then for the next three rounds in a row he RDMs me as revenge, while also just being toxic over the mic. no staff were on at the time. Map: Whitehouse Round: 7 - Bert (Traitor) Kills Higashi (Innocent) - this is where he was pissed off I killed him. Round: 8 - Higashi (Innocent) kills Bert (innocent) one second into the round starting. Round: 9- Higashi (Innocent) damages Bert (Traitor) at 00:35 without being provoked, but I end up killing him. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Map then changes. Map: Innocent Hotel Round: 1- Higashi(Innocent) kills Bert (Detective) at 00:32., then disconnects from the game at the end of the round. Evidence:
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