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  1. Just bringing this back up wondering if I have the chance to be back on the discord?
  2. Incident occurred on TTT, at 12/21/19 15:30 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198220030392 Reported Player: IKE323 | Flux (STEAM_0:1:37300561) Description of incident: There has been a constant behaviour of IKE lately where there is a lot of ARDM or Prop killing as doing so says the world did it on the death cam, however in Damage Logs it outlines what happens. Below is from just one round of IKE ARDMing or RDMing people in this case a traitor. This is getting extremely frustrating, please help Evidence: [00:23] IKE323 | Flux [innocent
  3. Because I want to understand details? But I understand why Aeyon banned you
  4. ^ What Aeyon said is what I was asking for. Thanks Aeyon. This ban should help you learn that people want to play on this server and they can't join when there is an idle person taking that spot
  5. People don't need to be staff to ask questions about a ban. I'm trying to figure out if the ban is reasonable or not. So please, without being a douche, answer my question.
  6. It is usually a kick but if you have been warned "Multiple Times" maybe disconnect from the server if you go and eat dinner. But you're not the only one who AFK mines and I've seen you do it quite a lot. However, if you have not been banned from this before I do think a 2 week ban is extensive and it should be lowered to 3 days or even a week. A question I have to ask is how many times were you warned? If its 3 I justify my above statement but if its >5 I believe the punishment is fair as you should have got the message after the first warning.
  7. Instead of Veno for Mod meme it should be #Free Veno
  8. Your name made me cum
  9. I didn't view it as ban evading as I knew sooner or later I would be banned on that account. I just wanted to get back on the discord for at least 5 minutes and have a quick laugh. I got banned for mostly being toxic but ban evading as I was chat banned so i left and re-joined
  10. it was on discord, it was my old one I used to play GTA on
  11. Server: Discord SteamID: 76561198220030392 Reason for ban: Being toxic Issuing staff member: Generic Ban length: Permanent Appeal: I've had a couple months off Gmod after the last shit show including myself and Fothbas. It started as a feud between Nymodia and I over some banter in game between me and another player (I forgot his name) but nothing got too out of hand but -1ing each others staff applications. It then moved onto me feeling that Aeyon was being harsh on the rules and making it feel like a competitive game which wasn't fun so I started
  12. +1 Before my huge break after my toxic chemical meltdown, you were such a good dude and that has obviously not changed unlike I did. WildCard knows his shit and if he is putting you foward you should have a high possibility of getting the role. Good luck!
  13. funny man best excuse I had in CSGO was "Oops forgot to turn it off" 4/10 appeal 2/10 logic 10/10 for making me laugh at nymodias response, love u b
  14. I was sorry to Aeyon, not you smartass
  15. One thing I've learned is don't argue with Aeyon, yes I have before and it's why I've been banned off discord, it was mainly calling him a name, but dude you gotta chill. Mine was a joke that went to far and I am not afraid to admit that.
  16. Dude all I said was that you sucked dick for mod and that didn't last as long. If I said anything else to you specifically, I am not sorry mainly because you're salty all the time and get offended at small things. You act like everyone's superior and it gets quite annoying.
  17. You arE unable to know that Sensitive information
  18. Server: Discord SteamID: 76561198220030392 Reason for ban: Being a cunt Issuing staff member: Ban length: Forever Appeal: I was being a bit of a cunt towards a certain staff member a while back and it got out of hand. I admit everything I said was a joke and I found it funny. The jokes started because server members felt that this staff member was being a fun police and treated a game of which most people want as fun as a tactical ww2 shooter. I am not mentioning any names of people involved but I am sincerely sorry as I was being a dick.
  19. Never said it in discord and this isn't why I got muted.
  20. Server: Discord SteamID: 76561198220030392 Reason for ban: I don't know Issuing staff member: Ban length: N/A Appeal: I don't know why I was muted but I believe it was for trying to help fothbas. It happened after I sent a conversation between him and Aeyon which isn't against rules. It wasn't for anything like Racism and I don't believe that I was making statements only sending what fothbas was saying. There is probably going to be at least 1 comment saying "Admitting to metagame" but we don't do that. I only want to use the
  21. Tell me how cold it is Right now in the hunter, it is that cold my balls are retracting into my body to keep warm
  22. Thanks for the backup. I believe he was teaming with someone i just forget who
  23. Fothbas sent me the following- FothbasToday at 6:23 PM oi i need you to comment on my bann apeal with this text i am about to copy paste since i was banned from forum First off, i never once called you gay. I did say that you suck the staff dicks to get mods which isn't calling you gay, is just saying your acting all big to try look good to the mods Secondly, Me hacking with a Minecraft x ray texture pack and ddosing a server 3 years ago doesn't threaten the safety of the server and doesn't have any weight in ban and shouldn't affect how i am treated in this
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