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  1. Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:96542422 Age: 18 Total Hours Played on Flux: 424 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About Haywiree: Heyo, if you're reading this you probobly know who i am, but if you do not, i'm Haywire. I'm 18 years of age turning 19 in a few weeks and gaming just so happens to be a major passion of mine. I have been playing Gmod for a good 7 years now clocking in over 1700 hours, and majority of those hours have happened to be spent on various TTT servers over the years. If i was asked to describe myself, I'd say im an outgoing funny guy with a memey personality that tries tog et along with evryone and make new frineds, whether that online or in person. When it comes to work, i work your typical casual retail job for now which means the shifts are scarce, especially with the Coronavirus out and abouts, so im mostly at home playing games and occasionaly going out with mates. Reason for Application: Applying for staff has been a thought of mine for ages whilst playing on Flux, and everytime i thought of it came from wanting to just help out the server and mainly have more purpose when waking up and wanting to hop on some TTT. Another reason, as cliche as it can be, is that there are some instances where staff is not available to join the server at a given time, so it'd be a blessing to be able to handle certain issues that may arise while playing myself, and i have a fair amount of understanding of the rules, whether thats via breaking them over the years and learning from my mistakes or just asking other staff members what applys where. Previous Experience (if applicable): I currently have no experince of being staff on a Gmod srever. Comments: Nothing comes to mind but if you have any questions feel free to add my discord Haywire#0639 and ask away
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