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  1. been a month of pending whats goin on?
  2. Im still very confused as to why you have seem to have some grudge on me you've been persistent in giving me warnings for the tiniest of things. 1, Saying your name which at the time was available on your steam profile. 2, For making like 10 coin flips whilst others were also doing it. 3, A text hat i had on for 2 weeks that said "Taylor sucks" that i had forgotten about and you didn't say anything before the warn. 4, "racism" the joke was "Black people are white people on Facebook night mode" how is that racist?! Still a very bad joke none the less. 5, muted me for an entire map on the first round and then warned me for it after the gag on the next map. (Pretty sure it was some Incoherent yelling at a T, but still not worth a whole map gag) In total 5 or 6 of the 11 warnings came from you I also wouldn't say i bought in a bad crowd. None of my friends before flux had ever joined and everyone i did 'play' with was already or still is on the server. I do admit that during the first 2 months or so i was on the server i was a bit of a pain towards you and i am sorry for that but i stopped (the 1 month i didn't get any warns before the ban) and tried and was a decent player on the server and tried to not play when you were on (knowing that it sometimes caused problems) I really hope that if i am given the chance to start anew i can prove that i have changed and can be a positive and friendly member of the server. And what ever problems that were or are between us can be forgiven and forgotten.
  3. A fair few karma bans over 15 i think and 11 warning over 4-5 months, (the last one i received was a month before the ban) I cant remember all the warn reasons but i think you can still see them in the !warns thing. And i was never banned (other than karma bans) before the perm ban.
  4. Server: TTT SteamID: 76561198122538867 Reason for ban: "continued rule breaking after multiple bans and warns" Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: Perm Appeal: So its been a while aye lads, After getting Perma banned at the beginning of July, I took some time to deeply reflect on my actions. After giving it a couple months, I feel that now is a fair enough time to appeal the ban. Should I be unbanned for a trail period, say a month or so, I believe that I will show that I have learnt from my ban and will be a more rule-following player. also having to play Vulcan TTT is a nightmare
  5. https://imgur.com/a/kM1LVBG (rest of SS)
  6. i didn't swear at all i just said 1.13 like 5 time so did others cuz he was asking people to guess which minecraft update beds were added, i was wrong nor was i the only one trying to answer it in voice and general chat. and yes the other part of the SC that i did not include did say fuck aeyon because of course im going to say that after getting perma banned who wouldn't and he asked me to not put if up about 5mins after i did because "he didn't want to get zoid in trouble" and then even after zoid admitted to messaging unwoven he messaged me again and said "hey he didn't actually say anything" and if that were true then none of this would have happend because he was the one who told me zoid had meta gamed and in turn i said what i said in general chat
  7. *note the person the Nade killed was aware i wasn't new to the server* As for my warning my last warning was received on May 20th I'll only address the last 2 because they are the only ones I remember, Warn ID 946: Change your text hat do not use it to bully or harass other players/staff -Aeyon I had a text hat that said “taylor sux” that was it and i would of changed it had i been asked but he just gave me the warning Warn ID 905: chat/ spam coin flips. I made around 10 50 point flips over about 20secs he didn't ask me not to or stop and a few other players and myself were just having fun with them. And the same thing had I been given a verbal warning or asked to stop i would have. I am sorry for what i said to zoidberg but i believe it's understandable being as unwoven had just told me he was meta gaming. Nor do I believe that calling a staff member a cunt for the first time warrants perma ban without anything being said other than “Bye Huon” I've really tried to be nicer and friendlier the last month or so on the server and ive had no issues with staff or players and i've also taken some time to recuperate and assess my behaviour. And the fact that you are joking about this not even 10 minutes later just shows that you are not taking this very seriously (regarding the meme put on the forums and discord)
  8. Screen shot from unwoven sleeve https://imgur.com/a/wZfkPux
  9. Server: TTT SteamID: 76561198122538867 Reason for ban: "continued rule breaking after multiple bans and warns" Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: Perm Appeal: Connected to the server for around 10mins for the first time in a month or so. first a bunch of mic spam and yelling started and zoidberg muted me and haywire. whilst i was muted a detective (unwoven sleeve) asked me if he could kill me for 1000 points if i was a T and i said yes, zoidberg then told him that i was innocent and not a traitor (zoid was dead) meta gaming so i just killed my self. then after i found out what zoid did i said "zoid you fucking cunt, whyd you metagame" or something like that in text chat. about 5 secs later aeyon said "Bye Huon" and i replied with "bye?" and right after that i was banned aeyon hadn't even been connected when that round took place, nor have a received a warning in around a month and a half. multiple people were also gagged after speaking up and asking aeyon why he banned me. i couldnt find away to attach an image but i have ascreen shot of unwoven telling me that zoid sent it as an admin message. all up this ban i stupid i did break rules by saying that to zoid but he also shouldnt have messaged unwoven.
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