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  1. You're not apart of the situation my fellow curtain.
  2. Yes SeñorChink was upside down, But atleast you could read it. With the others clearly they were illiterate.
  3. Server: TTT SteamID: 76561198120473963 Reason for ban: Refusing to change name Issuing staff member: Debla Ban length: 3 Days, Starting at 1827 Appeal: So it all started with, a Name change as Order66 but upsidedown. I get warned for that, No verbal just straight warn. Best part didn't warn anyone else on the server that changed their name to Order66 either. Second time i was kicked, I joined back with the name Deblamage(Once again upsidedown) Which i was warned for, Which is fair enough. So i changed my name to SeñorChink. Quite literally referring to the chink in curtains as to which i was banned for 3 days via refusing to change name. But i did change my name to SeñorChink. Pretty sure this will go nowhere, Though i feel as this is unfair.
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