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  1. yes, but it's dangerous, because you can very easily send it flying and propkill yourself or others
  2. In ttt_forestfinal the cars in some parts of the map can be possessed and its really easy to hurt and sometimes propkill someone with them if you posses them. It's a problem every time the map is played because there is nothing you can do, as the props are too big to be moved with the magneto stick.
  3. wow, you could buy a howl with that. oh wait
  4. yeah what jerks who would do something like that
  5. Personally, I don't think the jihad should be nerfed in such a severe way. The reason it's so powerful is because it requires a significant sacrifice, and therefore should be powerful. If you have good reflexes there is ample time to kill the jihader or run away. As for the spiderman gun, its really good but it stops you from being able to shoot. Also the grappling hook sucks.
  6. awww that reminds me of how to train your dragon
  7. Yeah that sounds about right for me as well. Had significantly less of a presence in the community though. Jesus has it really been that long?
  8. If you mean Milk, you should be asking her. She has been around just as long as I have if not longer.
  9. I am Nymodia. Many know me as Senator Pauline Hanson. some people don't like me but its ok because i like me and it seems the general consensus is i suck dick for mod. This is not true as I have only sucked taylor and it was just out of pure unadulterated love nothing to do with mod. Love you taylor-senpai ❤️
  10. I'll take the right. Lookin Like a Snacc
  11. Are you the right or the left?
  12. Didn't say you did. Didn't say it was. Still not cool and its unreasonable to think the discord and the TTT servers are disconnected from each other
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