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    DENIED You did some incredibly disgusting things while on Flux TTT and discord including harassment and doxing, these things can not be forgiven regardless if they "happened out of frustration/anger" it is your responsibility to control yourself in any situation. Do not attempt to appeal again.
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    "why you guys gotta ask questions just unban me surely" You're immature and more childish than even I am, you've shown it throughout this appeal that you haven't changed 1 tiny bit. You knowingly doxxed someone with no thought of their well being and you're lucky you're only being punished on a garry's mod server instead of it being taken to the real world (where idk if you noticed, things you do have consequences). -1. You should be banned off of this, you should be banned off of Vulcan too.
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    Hello Im STO I occasionly RDM
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    Talk to the cops all you want chief, my father can handle it for you, as he's a senior constable in the feds. If you wanna threaten legal action, I suggest you lawyer up asap. Make sure you tell them you doxxed someone and committed a federal offense. They'll take you very seriously.
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    Order check this out! https://www.montereybayaquarium.org/animals/live-cams/sea-otter-cam
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    Holy shit. It finally happened. The day of reckoning has come.
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    we tell jokes best joke gets a kiss from debla joke contest ends when i get COVID 19
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    Honestly flux, I'm very proud of you. We've all collectively come together to shut this dumbass down, and this is the most flux has ever universally agreed on something. We've done something special today, friends.
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    You look like you put about 30 seconds of thought into your appeal and all you've done in the comments is argue with everybody, you clearly haven't changed at all. Before you got banned for doxxing somebody, you were a massive dick constantly and probably should've been banned long before that point. You spent months harassing myself as well as others on the Discord, and you said some very concerning shit. Remember that time you said you'd find me irl by "pheromone sense of smell"? yeah, shit like that is just flat out disturbing. I really hope you stay banned, and that you don't bother trying to appeal again.
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    I meant off of the forum too. Telling someone to go fuck themselves in the heat of the moment is a bad choice, rdming somone is a bad choice. You KNOWINGLY revealed personal and private information (In whatever form it took) about someone, that isnt a bad choice its a fucking crime. Its like saying you stabbed a guy, getting sent to prison then explaining that it was all a bad choice you made the previous year.
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    my dads scott morrison suck it
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    No, I actually didn't post at all in chat until their staff said "we flux". You @me after I responded to their staff as shown IN YOUR OWN SCREENSHOT to try and get a reaction out of me. Also you then went across to the dreambot discord and did the same thing. You haven't changed a single bit, enjoy being denied. I honestly have a feeling you knew you would be denied and just wanted to entertain yourself. https://imgur.com/a/GAGKpww
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    wouldn't want him to lose his fluxes
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    Ignoring that you made an alt account to circumvent a ban... I spoke with some Vulcan staff because I doubt you've changed at all and they seem to have a very NEUTRAL opinion of you. Hesitant to say either good or bad things. This in itself is a bad sign, showing either they dont know you that well or are worried to say anything negative. VulcanAU doesnt have history for you older than 3 months. With even a short cursory search of their discord there are a few instances of you being very negative to Flux, complaining about staff decisions and defending what you did to get yourself banned in the first place. Your first ever message on Vulcan was @'ing Aeyon which judging by your past is likely intended to provoke him. Also you have donator on there and we dont want you back.
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    Considering you doxxed someone, I'm surprised you're not banned on the forums too.
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    3 karma bans 1 ban for using a spray featuring bestiality between a woman and a horse 5th and final ban for how you would target players by calling a kos on them then "relaying" that kos to act like you didn't call the kos so you had an excuse to RDM someone. You did this multiple times and became abusive when people got sick of you doing it. If you had owned up to any of these things and apologised you could have had a chance to be unbanned but instead you mentioned none of it and chose to make this "appeal" about what I did. As Taylor already said before i could get this post out this is a DENY
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    No. Absolutely no. You doxxed someone and "it happened out of frustration and anger" is not an adequate excuse, ever. You do not seem actually sincere in your apology either, and frankly allowing you back into the community would be a horrid mismanagement and misjudgment. In the months AFTER your ban, it was evident and immediately obvious you had not learned from your mistakes, and reading this not only affirms that, it concerns me. This seems so incredibly insincere and out of touch.. Just no, no, no. I do not want to see you allowed back into the community.
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    Pre sure I fuckin banned him off that too tbh
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    Made this account just now to reply as Accel has literally blocked ^acc from Doing anything other than post an appeal (asked menace, he said to message generic or wookiee, whoops can’t do that either, I tried.) firstly would jsut just like to add that, i never cheated or mass rdmd or ghosted or metagamed. No one cared for ttt vanilla let’s be real. I would never know if I was banned as I had 0 interest in it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Weird flex but ok. VulcanAU, make sure to ask the lord and saviour god daddy
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    It’s all on bhop and prophunt qt
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    Actually they said “welcome” and “a flux member :cooldog:” and “flux hisss” but ok keep making stuff up As for dreambot ping, was just making a point that I’m part of that community too. since you think I’m so terrible and can’t exist in a community and have to make some slanderous accusations to try ruin my reputation (assuming that was the goal). (which I’m contemplating taking up with police FYI). You guys are so fixated on pings holy moly “he ping me reeee” https://ibb.co/kXR7HMW
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    I’m just trying to appeal the ban, you Guys making it 100x harder, wasn’t even going to make this account if y’all didn’t ask questions
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    Server: TTT SteamID: 76561198021743420 Reason for ban: harassment/doxxing Issuing staff member: Bocaj Ban length: Permanent Appeal: Hi, its me, blip bl0p. I would like to appeal my ban that was set mid2019 I do regret what i did in the past as it was dumb. I am not sure if they still play but if they do I do apologise if i have caused issues and concerns in your life after what I did. I am not too sure what to say about it, as it is what it is and has happened out of frustration/anger, however it was NOT ok to do and should never have been done in the first place. I would like to come back to Flux TTT as i believe i have become a better person in general after joining and becoming a part of another AU community and letting go of my old toxic childish ways and would like to continue playing Flux TTT as imo it has the best gameplay and i truly miss it.
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    Though I personally believe Aeyon can take punishments too far in some standards, I don't think he'd ban you for simply what you claimed. Do you have any evidence supporting your statements or is there more to the story than simply one sentence?
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