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    I haven't seen you do anything for me to complain about other than 1 thing about a crossfire incident but hey those confuse everyone. seem to have an impressive line of past experience. gonna be a +1 from me at this point in time
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    The jihad is honestly not that OP, usually it kills around 3-4 players, while taking a traitor with it. And on like extreme occasions it can kill 12 people but i have yet to have seen that honestly. Also on most occasions you can avoid a jihad/potential jihad pretty easily.
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    server desperately needs more staff, this guy would be perfect since he's always on and his soul is practically non-existent. +1
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    You can use a prop with magneto stick to move it
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    A blast from the past. +1; No doubt in my mind.
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    +1 Too active for his own sanity/health Clearly experienced
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    Reasonable Experienced Friendly Very Active +1
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    yeah i gave you points back, turns out it should return them if karma banned
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    Personally, I don't think the jihad should be nerfed in such a severe way. The reason it's so powerful is because it requires a significant sacrifice, and therefore should be powerful. If you have good reflexes there is ample time to kill the jihader or run away. As for the spiderman gun, its really good but it stops you from being able to shoot. Also the grappling hook sucks.
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    And once again Predzee, a rookie of Flux Servers, rides off to never be seen again... Supposedly
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    Denied - sufficient evidence of multiple infractions and previous bans over an extended period of time. Not to mention the 11 warnings you have gained over said period of time.
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    Server(s): TTT SteamID: 76561198044503843 Age: 18 Total Hours Played on Flux: 50 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Menace About Higashi: Hello my names Higashi, I go by Hig or Finn to my friends. I'm an obsessive gamer with a hard on for head shots and killing as many players as I can. I currently play the piano and do a mixing job as a sort of sound engineer I guess. Reason for Application: I really want to improve the server in its general fundamentals, I know I'm not the nicest person in the world and probably not the smartest but ive been playing TTT for 2000 hours alone, dedicating approx half of that to Poseidon TTT alone. I've already had some worse for wear encounters on the server including some oddball situations with a couple staff (Mostly all resolved), but that wont stop my commitment to it at all. My primary focus is in TTT weapon values as I've been changing and tweaking them for years as well as general Staff guideline and MOTD 'reconstruction'. I was told to apply when I had the hours by Menace so here I am. Previous Experience (if applicable): Poseidon Servers: TTT - Super Admin | Admin x 3 Cinema - Super Admin Murder - Super Admin | Senior Admin Prophunt - Moderator Darkrp - Moderator/Trial Mentor ImperialRP - Moderator Discord - Manager (Yikes) Voxel Servers: TTT - Admin Forum Moderator Ricketts Lane: ZombieRP - Head Admin Community - Advisory Council Derivative Gaming: Darkrp - Admin Comments:
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    +1. Making him staff will legit solve fluxs problem of never having staff on.
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    wow, you could buy a howl with that. oh wait
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    not even doing 3k spins
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    Simply just a suggestion for a new style of MOTD: GENERAL RULES 1. Do not bully or harass players or staff. 2. Do not chat spam or flood the chat box 3. Report any game bugs to staff, using said bugs to your advantage will result in a ban. 4. Do not metagame. Metagaming is the action of using information you have received from sources other than yourself. This includes, whispering players who the traitors are, passing on information via steam or external voice programs. 5. Do not impersonate other players or staff. 6. When a staff member asks you to stop doing something you stop, no questions asked. 7. Prop killing is permitted (RDM rules apply to this) 8. Do not randomly kill players (RDM). You need to have proof that someone is a Traitor. (Do not kill of suspicion or a hunch) 9. Claiming rooms/areas it not allowed. This includes spamming and blocking doors. 10. Do not evade punishments (This includes leaving before or during a warning/slay) 11. Do not advertise of any kind. 12.You may not kill a player for 'using a traitor drop' or because they are high-sus and it is past overtime. 13. Do not randomly KOS a player. (Unless you are the traitor) 14. Throwing incendiary grenades is counted as traitorous, do not throw them unless you intend to kill someone) 15. Names must be legible and in english to avoid confusion, having a name that contains common TTT language is not allowed (e.g. Innocent, Traitor, Me) 16. Shooting randomly and destroying detective equipment is considered traitorous and you might get killed for it. 17. Claiming rooms or specific areas is not permitted. This includes spamming or blocking doors. 18. Sprays must be appropriate for all ages. (Porn, gore/shock and NSFW content is banned) 19. Prop Surfing is allowed. 20. You do NOT have to follow the first KOS called if you believe that person is innocent. It is normally best to wait until players finish fighting and bodies are identified (or ignored) before you get involved. 21. Abusing commands like !stuck will result in a ban. 22. Don't team up with players when you willingly know they're a traitor. (This includes turning a blind eye to traitor kills as an innocent) 23. Just use common sense, if you think something is wrong and you are unsure, message a staff member. INNOCENT RULES 1. Don't T-bait (Traitor bait). This consists of but not limited to: Shooting near players / Shooting explosives near players / Pushing players near high places / Claiming you are a traitor. 2. You must give 3 clear warnings for following you and or blocking a door or area. Give players 3 seconds in between each warning. 3.You cannot kill someone for holding the same weapon that was used to kill another player. You can NOT kill someone based off location. 4. Walking past unidentified bodies without identifying them is considered traitorous, give players time to ID bodies. 5. Do not kill detectives on purpose. Detectives are always proven. 6. You are responsible for KOS's you call. 7. Claiming you are proven without actually being proven is considered traitorous. DETECTIVE RULES 1. Innocent rules still apply to you. 2. No one is obligated to listen to your orders. Therefore you cannot kill players for refusing to be tested or asking players to kill one another. 3. (Please insure you are familiar with the DNA scanner. If not, ask someone for help or opt out of being a detective in the 'F1' menu. 4. Do not abuse your detective equipment. TRAITOR RULES 1. Do not reveal or kill other Traitors to prove your innocence. 2. You do not have to warn other Traitors about your C4, there is already a clear indicator. 3. Do not intentionally get yourself killed by other Traitors. 4. Do not delay or waste the round time deliberately, doing so will get you warned then slain. Rules are subject to change at any point in time, if you have any questions, please message the manager or one of the staff.
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    Never said it in discord and this isn't why I got muted.
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    Hey man! Nice to meet you BlipBl0p! Looking forward to playing TTT with you~
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    look forward to seeing you around 🙂
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    I'll join on Halloween and Christmas and in the night we'll wish this never ends. Bye... Forever. Don't waste your time on me.
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    I make anywhere from 20-100$/hr
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    Server: Discord SteamID: 76561198220030392 Reason for ban: I don't know Issuing staff member: Ban length: N/A Appeal: I don't know why I was muted but I believe it was for trying to help fothbas. It happened after I sent a conversation between him and Aeyon which isn't against rules. It wasn't for anything like Racism and I don't believe that I was making statements only sending what fothbas was saying. There is probably going to be at least 1 comment saying "Admitting to metagame" but we don't do that. I only want to use the discord to call moderators and partake in general conversation and not fights I am unsure if this belongs here but I have asked admins about it and I asked Aeyon if it was him who muted me but it wasn't.
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    yeah what jerks who would do something like that
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    there is no 3k spins on bhop 😞
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    - First Roll ever on BHOP
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    Add another 22 hours in server time....Yikes.
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    Hello my name blipblop am 22 yr old finished school Played gmod for almost 7 years now, Started on a couple fairly popular Deathrun(when it was popular, and autojump didnt exist RIP)/bhop/RP communities known as KxG and SGN, I preferred KxG so i became mod then admin then super admin then bhop manager after kxg went down and came back as Swift Gaming, I Became one of the better AUS bhoppers around 2014~2015 on Monumental, then my computer cucked itself and i went AWOL for 3-4years. One of my current hobbies is coding bots for a MMORPG known as oldschool runescape, make a good $ I finished a college paper on the husbandry of southern cassowary - 40 pages long - 💪 Am a part time animal attendant at a reptile park (not THE reptile park) i play soccer for 14 years, then we went into no age/weight groups then some big fucker almost snapped my leg, so i quit i Breed reptiles for a hobby - hmu if u want a bredli python, They're from the best lines in Australia I have many animal pics of almost every animal I play games some times ok bye
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    you dont get banned from discord server for saying that usually from racism or threats
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    Jihad: Sethealth: 100 > 25 - 50 (this is to make things more fair for essentially a running, jumping, crouching c4. The Jihad is an insane T weapon that can take out up to 12 people, setting players to a lower health evens the playing field.) Replace Spider hook with: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=265714452 (This style is a little more harder to use, but is basically the same other than the fact that you cant hook onto the map roof.) - Higashi
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    Some goofballs disliked all my posts
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