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    +1, always online (even when it's just me and him at 3am in the morning), chill guy to play with and doesn't break any rules. I think he'd fit in perfectly.
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    i see him on alot +1 good guy
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    Server: Discord SteamID: n/a Reason for ban: being based Issuing staff member: Higashi Ban length: pee pee Appeal: monke
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    Fat +1 for Strawberry. Saying XYZ slur does not make a person XYZist or bigoted or whatever the fuck the kids are saying now. I used to date a transgender woman, she was an amazing person and I'll never, ever forget the impact she had on my life, and one thing that she was perfectly okay with is being called a faggot or a tranny, perhaps the difference between saying said slur in its intended context (e.g., faggot at a homosexual person), is really what gives it the power. If you go ahead and ask Mr. Strawberry if he'd ever call a trans person a tranny or a homosexual person a faggot, I'd wager a hefty sum of my own life to say that he wouldn't, because he ISN'T: A Bigot Transphobic Sexist A Bully Having being tormented for a good portion of my high school days for liking men, I'd say I know exactly what its like to have these things happen, and to be the target of such abuse. I can tell you that keeping a lock and key on special words that shan't ever be used is what gives it the power, and it is why in today's society saying such words is a huge no-no. It's completely understandable why one would feel that, in a public form, slurs like this are unacceptable (and generally, they're quite rude to call people), but the representation of a man, and who they truly are, isn't based on what funny little words they say to their peers, its based on the prejudice that they have, and as it is built onward from the day they're born as they grow and mature. Funnily enough, he makes fun of me all the time on the Flux TTT Classic server, and I think it's hilarious because it is comedy, a reflection of the human condition, a reflection of what is in actuality, he definitely is not toxic, nor is he a bully; he's just a chap who goes on GMod to have a bit of fun, and by wanting the burden of a staff (A burden in which he'll have to reserve most of his banter), he wants other people to be happier by sacrificing his own happiness for said management. If you genuinely believe that he is less of a man for his funny word usage, then you need to take a good hard look at yourself. later.
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    +1 Wildcard. Oh Wildcard. Many a song has been sung of your muscles, ne'er has there been a man as magnanimous and benevolent as to whom the muscles belong to. Without Wildcard, the community falls, without the community, Flux falls. If not for this man among men, we would have succumbed to our lesser, more primal instincts long ago. Nay may we ever fall while Wildcard lights our path in our hearts!
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    +1 Before I met mr Opal Guy, I had problems with "getting it up", no more! Ever since I crossed paths with Opal Guy my missus has stopped seeing the mailman, not only that, but she actually looks me in the eyes now! Thank you Mr Opal, if you can make changes like that to me, you can make changes like that to the entire server I'm sure of it! Not only does he physically cure me of my ills, but he also has a fantastic taste in arts and literature, from Beethoven to Picasso he is the most cultured and sophisticated man to grace this server, worry not, he also meddles in today's "memeage", and has a fantastic track record for making people laugh and smile and enjoy themselves all over! This man definitely, without a doubt gets my plus one, and with his plus one I hope he not only gets my +1, but my eternal respect and graces for his future endeavors!
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    mr big rat gets my +1
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    hewwo >w<
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    If anyone would like to know how popular other servers are: Each of the servers are 32 Slot In the past 30 days as of 11/01/2020 they've barely scraped 8 concurrent players Information courtesy of GameTracker.
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    Incident occurred on TTT, at 12/29/19 19:33 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198051812363 Reported Player: Slowe_Ninja (STEAM_1:0:154614826) Description of incident: Mass RDM and leave to avoid punishment (karma ban) As detective placed C4 rather than destroying it, breaking the first and second rule of being a detective: Detective Rules: The Detective must actively fulfill the role of a Detective and assist the team as needed. Do not Random Death Match (RDM) - cause damage or kill Innocents or Detectives unless acting in self-defence (Includes using map objects). Evidence: https://puu.sh/EUkni/e75eae6f3c.mp4 https://puu.sh/EUknz/bb57d43585.mp4 ^this specific log (29th of December)
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    +1 I used to suffer from all sorts of embarrasing ailments, such as premature balding, disgusting zits on my face and arms, blackheads galore, and a rash that wouldnt go away no matter how much I'd scratch it. However when I met this young ingenious young man my problems went away! As soon as this man talked to me my hearing loss went from a dulling sound to a sharp sense that I never felt before in my ears! It's like they're now working at 150% effectiveness, so much so I can hear my parents arguing behind 50 brick walls! I used to be a cold man, wanting to hate everyone and everything from day in day out but this man had told me the ways of not being a cunt and since then I never looked back, I'm ready to love, respect, and cherish everyone I ever come across and I think that's gonna never change thanks to Hakkem! All in all I don't think this man would ever be a bad idea for a staff, there's nothing I have against him and everything I have for him; he has a great understanding of the rules and not only that but has the means and also wants to moderate the FLUX TTT servers. So yeah, I'd give this man a +1.
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    So i bought the 20$ vip package it says i have it ingame the vip tittle but i didnt recieve any points?
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