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    Okay so to give this some context because i've been named dropped let me just say this. The Centrelink argument got you removed from her discord for being racist. I don't know whether that upset you or whatever? POST that you haven't said anything to me until yesterday when you were on Garry's Mod. Considering you don't have a mic and i think I might have missed some extra chat logs of you calling her a Catfish and some other stuff. Here is the logs that I have saved in text format (didn't bother to screenshot at the time as i didn't think it would escalate like this.) (sending in image format as it doesnt come out correctly on here.) In that said email you sent her some further derogatory comments and leaked an old address of hers. I think the worst bit about the entire thing is you still think this certain instance is a staff member trying to persecute you rather then fully understanding and admitting that opening emails sending someone there own personal information can cause distress and is harassment. As seen when you are playing dumb in the DM's. Also funny here when you inadvertently admit to the harassing email bit but deny doxing accusations by saying it was a random guess??? Considering I don't have any personal issues with you and I do consider you a cool guy for the most part, I really hope in future you see how problematic this kind of behaviour is and fix it rather then blaming other people. As for the permanent ban if it were this one instant i'd plead your case and say that it's unfair. However this isn't your first rodeo so I can't even say that. As a final note, hope for the best and you adjust your behaviour because as I said for the most part you are a cool dude.
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    The thing is, we as staff would prefer it if forum reports were left for things that are more important than this. If everyone who was toxic and needed a slay for it was reported on the forums, there would be about 20 reports every hour. We would generally just prefer it if the only things reported on here were incidents like a mass RDM, metagame or other action that deserved a punishment like a ban. If you need staff on the server to deal with someone who is just being slight bit of a dickhead, you should just mention @TTT Mod in our Discord server. Anyway, this report has been resolved so I am closing this thread, thanks for the report Larko, and it would be appreciated if everyone considered what I have said for future reference.
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    Worked as a plumber you say... ................
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    Because my last one was removed due to a "Rollback" I'll summarise. You are a walking contradiction, you have said various things that contradict each other. Such things include: The other thing is you have clearly struggled to comphrend something as simple as "Recommendation(s) from staff" Menace was kind enough to fix the mistake of putting down Muffin Man as a staff recommendation for you. The other thing too, is I don't believe you attempted to ask any staff for a recommendation which if you ask most people on the server they'll say something like "I suggest you ask a staff for a recommendation" While it is not required it is helpful to you. I am also getting a "Sucking Up" Vibe from you, you call staff for every single RDM that occurs against you, but doesn't appear to be against others. While Yes, It is helpful you let us know when there is RDM you have also been informed you can make reports on the forums and to gather evidence. In which in one report you made, you didn't gather evidence to it but you have made complaints about the user in the discord in the past. Please note, I do not have any issue with you. These are my observations. For now I am not happy with you getting staff
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    +1 What can I say, both experienced and kind. Never gets into any heated arguments and is reasonably active, both in discord and in game. He'll grow into something fine I can tell you that.
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    The above text speaks for itself. We were extremely lenient on your behavior and provided you with many chances to change your way. Unfortunately it seems like you never learnt. Denied.
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    Let me clarify that I'm not referring to Flux servers, I mean the entirety of TTT. Flux servers are really well organised by comparison of most other servers.
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    +1 Its been long enough, put him on a trial period, if he cheats again; Perm with no chance of appeal.
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    Accepted - message Taylor or Generic on Discord when you see this.
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    Yea, ban was retarded and undeserved. Dictionary definition of doxxing is "search for and publish PRIVATE or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.". Her steam page is public, her instagram account is public and when questioned on stream she even said "I never said it was private"
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    Hello newfriend, welcome to the forums
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    That is a good question, it has been brought up several times and I thought it was given an answer. I'll look into that
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    DENIED After much deliberation, we have decided that we do not believe you are suitable for staff at this current time. Thank you for your application.
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    nah I knew him back when. he's just got parkinsons bro
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    +1 A chill person to play with, also follows rules well. As a bonus from me, have my recommendation too.
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    +1 From what i've seen they're pretty chill and barely ever gets reported, so i'd say that he'd be good for trial mod. I still think that he should play for a while longer before applying though, considering 54 hours isnt much in terms of learning the rules and fully understanding them.
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    +1 Very groovy, seems like a solid lad for the job.
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    +1 Epic gamer, sick doooood
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    DENIED Thank you for the application, however at this point in time, we do not believe you are a suitable candidate for staff. You may try again in the future if you wish.
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    This is incorrect, a method of deciding this has not been discussed or determined as of yet.
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    Imagine following sports lmao +1 Decent guy who keeps to himself most of the time, speaks up with anything he disagrees with. Seems like the kind of guy youd take to the movies
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    roses are red cats are cool i cant rhyme good to see you back
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    I have a plan in mind for a forum rank system, I hope to try and implement it soon so stay tuned!
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    "gonna check if snake has -1'd me yet" Today you have proven you are nowhere near mature enough to be staff. You are not fit to carry out the servers rules in any capacity. You're only 15 and frankly it shows in spades. Your attitude towards racism is unacceptable in a modern, diverse environment. You have lost any respect you had from me.. you have to grow up, plain and simple. Huge -1, become an adult before you try to moderate an environment enjoyed by people of varying skin colours, ethnicities and beliefs. Very disappointed in you.
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    Hi Mate. I appreciate this -1 because it allows me to clear some things up. I never spread false information about you. If you mean me calling you out for RDM and propkill, you literally just did it not even two minutes ago of me posting this, and I have footage and will be posting it on the forums shortly. Edit: The report is now up with multiple clips of you rdming and prop pushing. I doubt you'll change your -1 but that's fine. If you have actual helpful criticism I will gladly take it.
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    You: *Banned on Discord and Permanently Banned on the Server and active on the forums* Why are you bragging about your negative reputation and embarrassing yourself? Do you understand "pog" is a term used to emphasize shock/excitement (as far as I'm aware)? @BlipBlopCongratulations. It's a joke to you. Well, you've invoked discreditable behavior that's transformed you into the joke. Regards, I hope you age well... Edit: Was unaware he was unbanned from the server, but I retain my stance. Disgusting behavior.
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    Something here doesn't quite add up...
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    Ooo Do you remember that staff application? You know, the one that came out weeks ago? We appreciate the time you took in making your application, Unfortunately your application has been Accepted. Please Contact either myself or Taylor on Discord when you see this.
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    ACCEPTED Contact myself or another senior manager
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    4 weeks of memes! Day 28: Yet another n-word meme
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    Tommy Vercetti from GTA Vice City https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=157873654&searchtext=playermodel
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    Bruh it isn't even a gofund me, its a joke I made with points within the game but I understand how people are taking this and I understand its controversial
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    you cant include the staff member if you dont know who it was OT: i dont believe you got banned for rdming once, even a karma ban isnt 1day ban if you DID actually rdm once and got banned - shame on you issuing staff member
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    Contributing more than an addict = shitposting?
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    Hi milk Plz tell me gossip tyty cute cat here’s mine ok bye
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    why would you bring that up. I didn't even know that and it just makes you more suspicious.
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    Hi there, After careful and thorough consideration by the Flux Servers Senior Staff team, we have found that you would not be suitable as a staff member on the Flux TTT servers. Thank-you for applying. We welcome any future applications if desired. Thanks, Flux Servers
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    I did not grab the damage logs as my report had already closed and I cannot access damage logs for the game or previous games as I am not mod/admin only shows a small section of logs for me. Thank you for taking a look at this though.
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    If I ever spammed my mic I'm sure I'd be gagged for it :thonk:. You and ghoul have been gagged for mic spamming, harrassment, slain for RDM T, RDM and targetting, warned for a multitude of things and just today you kept screaming my name, I mean take a look at what you do on a daily basis with ghoul.
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    Incident occurred on TTT, at 01/12/20 21:20 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561197960287930 Reported Player: deadly aka god of flux, Ghoul fook flux (STEAM_0:1:50597989 & STEAM_0:0:34934300) Description of incident: These two were metagaming and mass rdming me. Went to disco room of 67th way, deadly and ghoul were both there. I click the music button and they both talk shit and then deadly kills me. (first image in imgur). I report him for it and he replies with something along the line of "misclicked" or I that I T baited. They continue to talk shit and then next round Ghoul rdms me. (3rd image in imgur). This goes on and on until both Ghoul and I are T's. By this point it is clear that deadly and ghoul are metagaming with each other because of this, as well as the fact that they were doing similar things to Higashi earlier in the map. Where they would scream into their mics and mic spam something along the lines of harassing higashi and calling a KOS. When ghoul and I are both T and deadly is the detective, at the very start of the round deadly rdm's a T. Okay cool, maybe he baited or something. Then as soon as I walk past deadly he kills me, so clearly Ghoul told deadly that I was a T. Evidence: Damagelogs and roles: https://imgur.com/a/A52K6Tk deadly killing me on T round with Ghoul: https://streamable.com/v46iv
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