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    Nothing of what you just said really helps your case here. You originally chose to try and find her email by using common domain names, which in itself is a form of harassment and doxxing. You willingly sent her an email knowing rightfully so it was the wrong thing to do especially since you've some choice words within the email (again, harassment). You decided to cause a fuss over a simple discord server ban. You have showed absolutely zero remorse or any sense of apology is found within your recent posts and as such your appeal has been denied. You should really consider your actions and their outcomes.
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    the reason for the ban being 2 weeks: you had multiple warnings plus 3 ban previous bans. (1 day, 3 days, 1 week.) there was a 4th ban for using an alt account to evade the ban (this account was permabanned). the actions that caused this ban: while i was playing you joined, you were afk for about half a map leading up to the map change. after the map changed you played a maximum of 2 rounds then went back to being afk. from what i have seen in the past this is exactly what you do, not to mention using binds/macros to avoid the auto spec which you had been warned about too. There are also cases where o have seen you be afk in the server for over 10 hours. multiple other players have noted this behaviour and this I had consulted with other staff members before making the ban.
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    if debla can get trusted i think milk can
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    Community Wide Suggestions Deleting/Reshaping current inactive servers Death run: This is a stale game mode in and of itself, sid was removed from manager after I guess him not doing anything for it/is inactive on it, that's from what I know, don't slam me if I'm wrong. But there is no need for this server to still be up, other projects and servers could replace death run with an actual stable player base instead of a dead one, I personally believe that deleting the server and replacing it with something else is the best course of action. Also, Minecraft Server ? We can possible any game mode if we set our mind to it and with a proper team that genuinely cares about the server. TTT Vanilla Work from ground up with gun team and development team Higher tickrate No pointshop 500 Grav, 40-50 sv_airacc Balanced weapons with their own unique stats and values XP system connected to TTT Vanilla (F3 menu would only have leader board) Replace TTT2 with vanilla? F4 Gun menu: Normal players are allowed to spawn with any pistol + 1 mag | VIP/donator are allowed to choose any Gun, pistol and grenade + Full mag. https://imgur.com/a/3kA6196 Good map rotation No custom weapons/playermodels (Vanilla der) Good variety in T/D weapons A ranking system connected to the XP system that would display a certain rank based on your level (I have all the names and XP levels Having a vanilla server increases the community variety for servers as well as adding one of the few actually good vanilla TTT servers where players can still grind for XP whether they be on TTT Custom or TTT Vanilla. Current TTT Server Suggestions Gun Team - A dedicated gun team made up of community members, staff and management that decide on gun statistics and values, with a gun team the TTT servers can slowly be revamped into a server that hasn't got broken weapons beyond belief, I feel that having a team of dedicated players that know the gamemode inside and out, instead of having one individual doing all the work and constantly tweaking the game files because something is 'too' broken or not broken enough is a good idea. It's hard to edit weapons on a TTT server, you're constantly tweaking stuff to fit a certain standard for the server, if you make something too broken, you either choose to make everything broken enough to fit that standard or going through the painful effort to make everything balanced enough. Maps - https://docs.google.com/document/d/10LrZj24zxUQOFM-TO9OR9mRL07zca6ikPrlMw0bYF_4/edit - We don't need an excess of maps, we need fresh and new maps into the pool rotation as well as the removal of certain shit/over played maps. Events - A specifically designed hud for events/when the next event will happen and a player score board for that particular event. Number 1,2,3,4,5 Double XP Weekend - Legit just a change in values for the game files, not hard to do, can increase traction and player popularity. Google doc of suggested events: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wRxAvX-Hw6cHlBe__cLgaC15hu23qg53N9o3xgcQNIY/edit T/D Weapons - A relook into the current T and D weapons, seeing whats used and what isn't/if the Gun Team was ever made this would their area. Do Boosters actually work? Crates & Keys - Remove getting keys from Titan crate: it's counter intuitive of getting a key for a worthless crate from a potentially really good crate. Removal of Weapons - These are guns that serve no apparent use to anyone I/we have seen on the server, these weapons are either not used or are literally there to buffer for other weapons AK-47 Redline - This weapon seems to be literally a copy of the vulcan, except worse. I mean you could change it to make it slightly unique for the players, fiddle with the stats to make it a genuine weapon of itself (Gun team would do this) EM-6 - It's a higher magazine version of the m16, It's decent but is literally taking up space where other more unique guns could exist. Olympia VS Blundergat - 2 virtually identical shotguns, high damage, high cone, etc. 1 could probably go. M1911, Tec 9 and HK45C - They just exists for no purpose? No one uses it, its easily outclassed by any other pistol, even the glock. KAC PDW - Vector but worse and is basically a placeholder for something that could of been better and more unique than what it currently is. Ares Strike & Grenade Launcher - Grenade Launcher isn't in the game, its a Ares but its still its own class of gun, so its here. Its a reskinned HUGE, theres plenty of other options for the heavy type of class. G3 - Its the exact same as the G3SG1, literally the same weapon. Remington ?- This ones a bit of a question mark, it's a battle between this and The Raging Bull VIP+ Update Inventory expansion pack for VIP+ Inventory sorting button/menu - Sorts from most valuable e.g. Legendary>blue>green Have the sorting menu include an outline of the weapons: Legendary is orange etc. (Like borderlands) Regulars and Trusted rank in-game: Forums Update We need to increase the activity for the forums as an actual platform for discussion, development, updates, issues and suggestions instead of a glorified website for applying for staff, or appealing a ban. While I was moderator, the staff team toyed with the fact of deleting the forums and using the discord as a primary of communication, as it is now and having the website as a place for only appealing a ban, requesting a ban or applying for staff. Discord is the primary use of communication, don't get me wrong this is great, but we need the forums for updates, changelogs, discussion and varying forms of important communication. Advertise updates on the forums like generic does for weapon changes. Post polls on what players want, this was done by Menace previously, but only when I asked him to do it. Incentive to sign up on the forums and join the steam group: "Join Flux Forums to receive an additional 10,000 points!" Forum Achievements: Forum Legend: Senior Manage, Community Admin etc. Each rank you can click on. Move around the addons for the forums, Whos active, who's online, who's birthday it is? Profile Update, profile songs, profile description etc. Community Sub forum General Issues & Suggestions Developer Applications Change log - Update Panel Discord Advertisement Developer Applications Developer Applications, lets face it, are needed for the community, we only have one developer and that's Menace. The rest of the management don't know how to develop at all, that's not a bad thing, but it isnt a great thing either. If we advertise developer applications on steam, forums, server and discord we are bound to get a few applications for the community. Setting up a developer applications would be much like applying for staff, except you would be more judged on your ability to develop than you're ability to be a staff member. Template would look something like this: Steam Name: Steam ID: Area of development you specialize in? What can you bring to the community? Tell us about yourself? You realise that any content you make/help with will be strictly kept by Flux Servers and not be taken with you unless you are given permission to. You understand that you will be on an extended trial period in which you will be assessed on your development skills? Any examples of your current/previous work: I understand that getting people to apply will be hard, and trusting people to develop your servers is harder, that's why the developers will be on a trial period and have a set amount of power on any individual panel or server. Ranking Structure Trial Developer - Extremely limited access while on trial period: Whatever tasks designated by management Junior Developer - Limited access: Whatever tasks designated by management Developer - Limited access: Whatever tasks designated by management Gun Team Applications - People can apply to be apart of the Gun Team: Complete discretion (if a gun change is coming up that only the gun team knows about, you can't share that info with threat of demotion or further punishment), a set level of hours on the server/TTT, previous gmod staffing roles, etc. Management This is an extremely touchy subject, I'm going to word this very carefully because everything that comes out of my mouth sounds toxic and demanding, it is and thats the way I suggest, Im sorry for that. Management is inactive, lets face it and it isn't their fault, really it isn't, GMOD gets boring, the community gets boring, they have actual fucking lives they need living and don't need to be on the server 24/7 or being a manager 24/7. We all get that and I do, and I'm sure a great majority of the player base understand and respect the position that many of these staff hold and the reason they hold it. Taylor is inactive as hell, he may do a few things behind the scenes but all in all he is very inactive, but he earned his rank, from what I know he's basically a co founder of Flux, including Generic, they're both as much of Owners as Menace is in his own right. But, when Gmod is dissipating quickly and the remaining community's draw in the remaining number of players and try to keep their own community attracted to their style of game. it becomes increasingly more apparent that each community needs a well fit, active management team that actually genuinely cares about the server and the community and strives to keep it up, help players out and reinvents new concepts and actively tries new things. I wasn't the best moderator, I wasn't the best person, that's extremely clear, I'm extremely toxic and extremely annoying to deal with, amen. But, I care about the community and the server that i actively play, I spent 1000 hours on Poseidon and got staff their several times not because I was the nicest person but because I genuinely cared about the community, like I care about this one. Ive been riddled with 'infractions' over my time as staff on flux TTT, from rdming, abuse, harassment and supposed negligence among many, many other things, but to be honest, its hypocritical and I can say that confidently because I truly believe ive got a lot of people who agree with me that a majority of upper management have done worse off than me, and that's saying something if you have ever met me, the hypocrisy from upper management and the general attitude for the community is disheartening to say the least. You have staff who do what they please, then hiding behind some loophole of the rules, punishing a player for an X reason then not doing so for another, getting warned for targeted harassment and abuse, when the person who warned either does it himself or lets his 'friends' do the exact same and worse. But I genuinely am fine with it in the end, because at the end of the day these upper management at the very least have been doing something for the community instead of just doing wrong. They've earned their spot for their rank and shouldn't be taken out of it even though what they have previously done/continue to do is more shocking than what I do in a year. I was talking to alot of people about what they think of management, all in all, 'inactive' and 'they don't care' came up a lot. Management do care, most of us know this but they don't actively show it and would rather play other games they enjoy rather playing one where they either get targeted or get yelled out, to cut it dry I suggest the implementation of the 'Advisor' role, a backseat role for middle to upper management who don't really/decide not to do much community wide decisions or implementations anymore, to be clear the role is still apart of management, they are included in management decisions and have the commands and power (server wise) that they would previously had (Super Admin) but they aren't necessarily needed for management changes and community wide changes anymore, leaving certain individuals who are active on the community and more free time on their hands to actually support and benefit the community, depending on Menace these Advisors would still have server access too. @Management @Staff Please at least consider this at the very least, me and a few others have actively gone out of our for a very, very long time to put this together and we feel that these changes could positively impact the community and the server as a whole (especially the gun team xd) Special thanks to @Hakkem @Pixels @corn for helping me with this post, fuck it took long. To the community, if you can, please read over this seriously and any staff and players that have any other thing to implement here or debate about, you're more than welcome to do so.
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    You have been incredibly toxic towards me in discord DM and in game chat, calling me gay (which I am) and saying I suck dick to get mod. You also admitted to DDossing and hacking another server. You revenge RDMed me after I killed you for trying to propkill the detective the previous map. You have insulted and harassed multiple users and you called me a bitch one time and my mum said that its not ok to swear. You also threatened to sue me for putting your name in the title of the YT Video i uploaded as evidence of your RDM (No, not his real name, his gamertag. He threatened to sue me for putting his literal gamertag in the title) and I told you to go ahead. When you realised how stupid that was because legal fees are expensive and your case would never hold up in court you decided to report me to Youtube for a violation of their privacy guidelines. You were also very cocky (Which isn't against the rules but i thought it was funny) and said that you weren't going to be banned. r/agedlikemilk This picture is here twice but it applies both times. You said that you couldn't wait to get banned so I'm not really sure what you're so unhappy about. you got what you wanted right? He also believes that "I thought he shot me" is a valid and justifiable reason to kill someone All in all, the discord messages speak for themselves in saying that Fothbas is extremely toxic and his appeal shouldn't be accepted Edit: He also just messaged me on discord again whinging about how aeyon treated him unfairly and bullied him and sent me screenshots of his DM with aeyon. I won't post the screenshot out of respect for aeyon but once again, aeyon was very clearly doing nothing wrong.
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    the way i see it is that even if someone has any form of personal information that can be found by looking through profiles it doesn't mean that information is yours to throw around for your own entertainment. and just because you found information when YOU WENT LOOKING FOR IT doesn't mean you own the right to spread it as if it was your own. I'm in the same boat as Menace i was not around or had any part in this ban just adding to this appeal based on what has been shown above. and in my opinion i believe you should stay banned as a result of your actions both past and present. I suggest you learn from this and not see it as a joke or a meme because its clear that you have a problem and refuse to accept or make any change to better yourself.
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    I was not the staff member handling this so I only know whats been posted here. Hello BlipBlop, I don't understand why you think emailing a player with her person information wouldn't get you punished? I understand that all you did was a bit of googling and using your brain. But sending her an email with her information, Taking the time to create a new email account just for that. If all you did was get her information and kept it to yourself none of this would have happened. In my opinion: You tried to flex your hacker knowledge to get a reaction out of this girl and it back fired.
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    Okay so to give this some context because i've been named dropped let me just say this. The Centrelink argument got you removed from her discord for being racist. I don't know whether that upset you or whatever? POST that you haven't said anything to me until yesterday when you were on Garry's Mod. Considering you don't have a mic and i think I might have missed some extra chat logs of you calling her a Catfish and some other stuff. Here is the logs that I have saved in text format (didn't bother to screenshot at the time as i didn't think it would escalate like this.) (sending in image format as it doesnt come out correctly on here.) In that said email you sent her some further derogatory comments and leaked an old address of hers. I think the worst bit about the entire thing is you still think this certain instance is a staff member trying to persecute you rather then fully understanding and admitting that opening emails sending someone there own personal information can cause distress and is harassment. As seen when you are playing dumb in the DM's. Also funny here when you inadvertently admit to the harassing email bit but deny doxing accusations by saying it was a random guess??? Considering I don't have any personal issues with you and I do consider you a cool guy for the most part, I really hope in future you see how problematic this kind of behaviour is and fix it rather then blaming other people. As for the permanent ban if it were this one instant i'd plead your case and say that it's unfair. However this isn't your first rodeo so I can't even say that. As a final note, hope for the best and you adjust your behaviour because as I said for the most part you are a cool dude.
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    Maps are getting mind numbingly repetitive, these additions could spice up the map pool, even by a bit. @staff Please at least consider these. TTT Lunar Base - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=131606096 ttt_Cipher - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=909728557 ttt_Aztec_Shrine - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1616801468&searchtext=ttt_aztec_shrine ttt_aircraft - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1105014193&searchtext=+ttt_aircraft ttt_terrortrain_v1b - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=466804893&searchtext=+ttt_terrortrain ttt_orange_v7 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=201250938&searchtext=+ttt_orange ttt_slender_v3_fix - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=143546559&searchtext=+ttt_slender_v3 ttt_giant_daycare_Fixed - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=535433133&searchtext=+ttt_giant_dayc ttt_canyon_a4 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=224282233&searchtext=+ttt_canyon_a4 ttt_lttp_kakariko - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118937144&searchtext=+ttt_lttp_kakariko ttt_office_gm - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1098883064&searchtext=+ttt_office ttt_oldruins - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1299035924&searchtext=+ttt_oldruins TTT Simple - ttt_simple_otat1 - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1812199726 <------------------THIS ONE
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    Hey guys, Reasonably new to the server just bought a new gaming PC so its been a few years since I have been playing pc games. I used to admin a server called NZgamers dont know if many people will remember but it was pretty popular a few years back :) Community seems pretty cool in this server and looking forward to playing and meeting you all. Cheers, Tainted Striker
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    Ok, Debla mate I legit dont care that u banned me.. couldn't give a single fuck but i just feel that after you banned me for a stupid reason you have the sence that you won that argument and you have fken power. Look mate i dont understand whats wrong with you... First time i ever joined flux you were just that moderator, never talked just came on and bitched and complained. I dont want to go down on you harshly because i feel maybe you have a history of mental illness or whatever so i dont want to disrespect you. I Cant really get a grasp on why you act this way. I don't think I've ever really seen an moderator so distraught like yourself.Honestly and I dont know if its just me but when you're online I feel like I am at a party filled with retired people talking about their pension... In other ways boring. Now some would say leave if you're not having fun but why should i leave... Just because one moderator takes out his shitty day on the whole server means i shouldn't leave, Anyways I am getting side tracked. I mean sure maybe irl you're a good kid which i highly doubt but online.. fucking hell mate. Honestly I hope you dont act this way out in the real world because far our man, you would be eatin alive. I dont know.. ur probably mates with Menace but i just want him to know how you act. Please learn of Aeyon, i think the only staff that actually plays the game for the game and doesn't bitch or complain. Other staff are great aswell but they arent as active
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    The thing is, we as staff would prefer it if forum reports were left for things that are more important than this. If everyone who was toxic and needed a slay for it was reported on the forums, there would be about 20 reports every hour. We would generally just prefer it if the only things reported on here were incidents like a mass RDM, metagame or other action that deserved a punishment like a ban. If you need staff on the server to deal with someone who is just being slight bit of a dickhead, you should just mention @TTT Mod in our Discord server. Anyway, this report has been resolved so I am closing this thread, thanks for the report Larko, and it would be appreciated if everyone considered what I have said for future reference.
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    Worked as a plumber you say... ................
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    Seriously, make this man staff. Wild card is ALWAYS on, enjoyable to play with, easy to talk to and i've never seen him break the rules. +1, simple as that.
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    Because my last one was removed due to a "Rollback" I'll summarise. You are a walking contradiction, you have said various things that contradict each other. Such things include: The other thing is you have clearly struggled to comphrend something as simple as "Recommendation(s) from staff" Menace was kind enough to fix the mistake of putting down Muffin Man as a staff recommendation for you. The other thing too, is I don't believe you attempted to ask any staff for a recommendation which if you ask most people on the server they'll say something like "I suggest you ask a staff for a recommendation" While it is not required it is helpful to you. I am also getting a "Sucking Up" Vibe from you, you call staff for every single RDM that occurs against you, but doesn't appear to be against others. While Yes, It is helpful you let us know when there is RDM you have also been informed you can make reports on the forums and to gather evidence. In which in one report you made, you didn't gather evidence to it but you have made complaints about the user in the discord in the past. Please note, I do not have any issue with you. These are my observations. For now I am not happy with you getting staff
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    Okay so let me explain the situation to you BlipBlop, Last night I was contacted on Discord by the victim who was upset and angry that you were sharing her personal information on the server and going out of your way to contact her through her personal email. She provided screenshots of the chat logs on the server and the email you sent. As shown above, Edgy and Predzee were witnesses to this and have provided evidence to back this up. You DID NOT have her permission to post any of her information on the server for the other users to see. We DO NOT tolerate this kind of behavior, as stated in our rules: "4. Do not post or threaten to post anyone's personal information unless you have their permission to do so.. excluding personal information that the owner of the information have already posted some where on fluxservers." I banned you for "Harassment And Sharing Other Player's Personal Information." The harassment refers to the email you sent. You sent an email to her personal account which included sensitive information including the name of the place where she grew up and used to live. This is absolutely unacceptable. If the roles were reversed and someone was sending you an email containing your information, you would be worried too. I have also been informed that you were verbally abusive towards her but I am yet to see any proof. I showed the evidence to other staff members and was told by a higher-up to proceed with the ban. The evidence that I have been provided with on discord and the evidence that is shown in this thread clearly show that you have broken our rules and you have been punished accordingly.
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    thanks mau for the help
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    Aurora, I would like to say thankyou to you for correcting me. My position was based off the knowledge I had obtained over the past few months. I'll take back what I said about Zoidberg.
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    Day 31: Two silly people KOSing each other
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    Server(s): TTT SteamID: 76561198247628054 Age: 15 Total Hours Played on Flux: 314 Recommendation(s) from Staff: @Generic @accel. @Debla @Aeyon @Hakkem @Tim_The_Warlord About Nymodia: I got into gmod 4-5 years ago and started off playing darkRP with my mates. I enjoyed it at the time but I never as much as I did other games so I took a break from the game for a while, playing on games I enjoyed more. I decided to revisit the game. I wanted to try something new and had heard good things about TTT so I thought I would give it a shot. Needless to say, I loved it. I rarely played much else for a fair while. Anyway, enough about that. I'm a laid back guy that can generally roll with the punches. I do kickboxing and play tennis, hang out with friends, play on my dads 2001 off white Dell PC. You know, the basics. I enjoy building computers and occasionally do it for others when I get the chance. I read books, with mystery novels being my favourite genre. I also really enjoy board games, and have IRL board game nights fortnightly. Reason for Application: On my first application, I recieved some -1's. Most of those had valid, and helpful feedback from the community. I read those complaints and wanted to work on those aspects of myself as well as the way I conduct myself and I think I have done that, Milk and Snake especially. I was wrong in the way I conducted myself, and doubtlessly very immature. I tried to stir up drama with both of them and I regret it. I'm applying again because I believe my reputation and standing in the community has improved, with me getting regular, amending my relationship with Snake and milk, and increasing my reputation on the forums, as well as just being better known and more well liked by most people on the server. I like the gamemode and the community and it ruins the experience for everyone when someone decides to dick around and play the game like it's a battle royale. It's a fairly generic response but it's the truth. RDM is never going to stop but if each individual occurence can be stopped quickly it allows new players to enjoy the gamemode more. I generally have a pretty good amount of spare time to moderate the server, but with me being in school, I'll be more active weekends than weekdays. I also think game nights are cool and would like to breathe some more life into them as there hasn't been one for about a month. Its also pretty much only ever jackbox or SCP so I would try and make the game night games generally free, but also not the same game or two every time, making it more accessible for everyone, while stopping them from getting stale. This is something I'm thinking of changing if I was given a trial. Previous Experience (if applicable): None Comments: Hit me up if you want to talk Discord: Nymodia#9999.
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    I wasn't listening to your TED talk i was reading it.
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    new maps aren't the problem. Even if you add new maps people are still gonna be mindless sheep that just rotate around the same maps they already play innocentmotel, community pool etc.
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    If anyone would like to know how popular other servers are: Each of the servers are 32 Slot In the past 30 days as of 11/01/2020 they've barely scraped 8 concurrent players Information courtesy of GameTracker.
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    https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=106751600 Good map, pls add :D
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    Cayde-6 player model https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1841729938&searchtext=Cayde-6+Player+Model
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    would love a red matter bomb in deathrun
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    After some consideration and words from others, I am going to take away my previous comments, still going to +1 but i think that you should tone down profanity usage even in the company of those you don't like.
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    figure out a better method to giving people trusted.
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    I know this thread's about props and propkilling and stuff, and nothing against you Predzee, but I can't help but laugh every time I see a post on here from you. Using language and punctuation that looks like you're trying to talk to the Queen without offending her, just makes you look so snobbish and uptight and I can't help but find it hilarious. Not to mention what feels like an attempt at minimodding in every post. Seriously, nothing against you mate, but I just thought I should let you know, cause I bet I'm not the only one. (See the underlined and bold quoted text for examples... So like, everything) Anyway, as for the props, I agree with Muffin Man for once, in saying that the car props aren't much of an issue compared to a lot of the propkilling that occurs on other maps, however I'll chuck in a request for the car to be removed if that's what the people want. That being said, propkilling has been an ongoing issue on the server for years, regardless of whether staff are on or not. Some people just don't care about the punishment, and many players have been banned for it. Yes, staff being on does help with the issue, but trust me, any repeat offenders are just going to do it regardless. Also just to add to Predzee's post, unless you're a 'professional propkiller' (jeez, imagine having that title), propkilling is not strategic at all. It's far easier to just shoot someone and hide the body, than to try to launch a bucket at their foot and hope it kills them before they tap you in the forehead with a bullet. Besides, it doesn't always award you the kill, the prop usually gets all the credit.
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    I haven't seen you do anything for me to complain about other than 1 thing about a crossfire incident but hey those confuse everyone. seem to have an impressive line of past experience. gonna be a +1 from me at this point in time
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    The jihad is honestly not that OP, usually it kills around 3-4 players, while taking a traitor with it. And on like extreme occasions it can kill 12 people but i have yet to have seen that honestly. Also on most occasions you can avoid a jihad/potential jihad pretty easily.
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    I mean in regards to just Fothbas getting banned for 3 days for rdming, when he was already slain by an admin on the server at the same time seems pretty unfair and doesn't really make much sense. But i don't condone the messages he sent to you , but i don't think its much to support a ban on someone.
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    please make him a mod he is on 24/7 and he does a lot for this server and i think your all making a mistake he should of been mod ages ago
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    +1, Great lad, very active and knows the rules well (Side note, i would suggest waiting a while until you redo the staff application)
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    Good lad, knows the rules very well. would be a great addition to staff +1
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    I haven't seen you break a single rule, you're fun to play with and you're not a dickhead. You seem to have a lot of experience and you're quite active. So that's a -1 from me, sorry. jokes +1 big time.
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    Let me clarify that I'm not referring to Flux servers, I mean the entirety of TTT. Flux servers are really well organised by comparison of most other servers.
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    Denied - sufficient evidence of multiple infractions and previous bans over an extended period of time. Not to mention the 11 warnings you have gained over said period of time.
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    I personally don't like this idea, it feels wrong to me if the latest threads window was in threads, however if there is a great demand for it then something can be done This has been fixed as far as I am aware It is intentional that you can no longer edit posts after a certain amount of time, this is to prevent people from constantly editing things they say, meaning that everyone now has to put a lot more thought into the things they post. If this causes issues then it will be reviewed, however for the foreseeable future it will remain as is Not sure if this chatbox has that function. It can be looked at, but if it requires additional coding we would like to avoid that for the sake of the forums' functionality I don't believe this has been addressed yet, after testing it myself, hopefully it will be shortly
  45. 2 points
    Day 27: New players vs. staff member
  46. 2 points
    Hello Everyone new rule for TTT Game Play rule: Running away with the tester without a Detective's permission is KOSable.
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