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    To some extent I'm with corn. I'm not gonna +1 you cause I do think you're just a bit of a prick but hey aren't we all. If I got insulted every time I heard the word faggot I'd be little faggot. Slurs used in a comedic fashion can be funny in my opinion at least. I constantly make homophobic jokes with my mates despite being a filthy fucking homo. While I think what strawberry said was in bad taste and not particularly funny, it also obviously wasn't meant as an insult. Snake I like you but mate, sometimes you gotta know when to shut the fuck up. I've heard you use transphobic/homophobic/racist slurs many times in the past. I'm not holding this against you but you've said some things yourself, including transphobic shit towards people that even SOUNDED vaguely trans. You can't criticise strawberry for that because it's just unbelievably hypocritical.
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    +1 good man, crowbar king and takes all my points
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    Server(s): TTT SteamID: 76561198047149280 Age: 18 Total Hours Played on Flux: 240 Recommendation(s) from Staff: birbobert About Opal Guy: Although there are a couple bumps in the road of my reputation, I believe that everyone makes mistakes and I, OpalGuy have learnt from them. I believe that this probation has made me a changed man. I will ensure that the server be a friendly and fun filled environment. I am a consistent player and I am well known in the flux community, many players, moderators and ex-moderators enjoy my company. Getting a long with me is very easy and I would also like to improve the server itself as well as myself and others. Reason for Application: To improve the server and its community, to improve on myself and to make sure that everyone is having a great time. There is also lack of communication at times between players and mods and I'd be willing to be very talkative to any player. Previous Experience (if applicable): I was a mod on a small dark rp server a while ago, but only for a small time because the server was no longer supported. Comments:
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    Server: TTT SteamID: 76561198047149280 Reason for ban: Staff harassment Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: Permanently Appeal: I would like to appeal my permanent ban for "Staff Harassment". I believe that hitting a staff member once with a crowbar should not be reason for 3-4 day ban and instead should have been slayed for random damage. I have gotten rid of any sprays that staff may find annoying and if I were unbanned I would also remove my text hat that called Aeyon a simp. I would like to be given another chance to show that I'm not going out of my way to be nuisance
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    Done. I expect my payment by Monday
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    Server(s): TTT SteamID: STEAM_0:1:72400716 Age: 19 Total Hours Played on Flux: 455 Recommendation(s) from Staff: About The Real Strawberry: Strawberry is love Strawberry is life. When i'm not playing Garry's Mod i'm pretty much just working, I work as a brick layer on a 4 year apprenticeship which i have nearly completed and i currently am going to TAFE for 3 years for brick laying as well. I've played many sports i could name a whole list but i am very into Football, Baseball and Boxing which i do a little bit my self mostly just for fitness though. I'm a fruit who is also a bit smelly sometimes but i do enjoy my video games. I live in South Australia so you know i'm smart. Reason for Application: I would like to apply for a staff position on Flux because i really enjoy playing and spending time on Flux, Its a good and well managed server many people can vouch for that and i have always been the type of guy who loves to have fun and enjoy the game but obviously make sure everyone is some what following the right criteria/rules to truly make sure that everyone is having a wonderful time. The current staff are very friendly and active and ever since starting to play on flux the last couple of months after having a break i have really got to know a couple of the newer staff members on the server and they seem to be doing a terrific job and i would love to be there alongside them and help but also learn from other staff members. Some people see staff as so called "Bullies" and "Power abusers". But i feel like those people are only there to just stir shit up i don't believe these statements at all as at times i have defiantly had my run in with a few staff members on this server but have also made a lot of new mates and friends to look forward to playing with on Flux. Strawbs Previous Experience (if applicable): Haven't had any so called Staffing Experience but i feel that i have been on this server and just the TTT platform for so long i feel i already have my head around most things and that i'm willing to give it a shot for the first time as i really believe i can be fair and also keeping the fun flourishing. Comments: Strawberry is the best Fruit. Kowmap is a lil stinky head.
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    Fat +1 for Strawberry. Saying XYZ slur does not make a person XYZist or bigoted or whatever the fuck the kids are saying now. I used to date a transgender woman, she was an amazing person and I'll never, ever forget the impact she had on my life, and one thing that she was perfectly okay with is being called a faggot or a tranny, perhaps the difference between saying said slur in its intended context (e.g., faggot at a homosexual person), is really what gives it the power. If you go ahead and ask Mr. Strawberry if he'd ever call a trans person a tranny or a homosexual person a faggot, I'd wager a hefty sum of my own life to say that he wouldn't, because he ISN'T: A Bigot Transphobic Sexist A Bully Having being tormented for a good portion of my high school days for liking men, I'd say I know exactly what its like to have these things happen, and to be the target of such abuse. I can tell you that keeping a lock and key on special words that shan't ever be used is what gives it the power, and it is why in today's society saying such words is a huge no-no. It's completely understandable why one would feel that, in a public form, slurs like this are unacceptable (and generally, they're quite rude to call people), but the representation of a man, and who they truly are, isn't based on what funny little words they say to their peers, its based on the prejudice that they have, and as it is built onward from the day they're born as they grow and mature. Funnily enough, he makes fun of me all the time on the Flux TTT Classic server, and I think it's hilarious because it is comedy, a reflection of the human condition, a reflection of what is in actuality, he definitely is not toxic, nor is he a bully; he's just a chap who goes on GMod to have a bit of fun, and by wanting the burden of a staff (A burden in which he'll have to reserve most of his banter), he wants other people to be happier by sacrificing his own happiness for said management. If you genuinely believe that he is less of a man for his funny word usage, then you need to take a good hard look at yourself. later.
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    This shit turning into blipblops appeal
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    Massive -1 from me fam. You said it to me, one of the few known trans people in the community. Using that word as a joke isn't funny, doesn't matter if the person you called is trans or not. Plus the whole "having banter" excuse is stupid and doesn't make you any less of a bigot/transphobe. This was a recent thing and you know it. This happened less than 4 weeks ago, so it's a recent example of how you aren't suited for a staff position. Other than this event, you've shown countless times in the past that you aren't suited for staff, both in-game and on Discord and you haven't changed at all.
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    Well yes, you can. Your reputation on the discord is pretty important for being considered for staff I can, and am judging you very heavily based on your discord history, considering you had a recent chat ban for being a transphobe
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    +1 Is more communicative than most mods, is regularly online, has an absolute monster horse cock, well known in the community and is liked by many of the players who frequent the Flux servers
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    +1 most genuine guy on the server and never had a problem
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    I dont even know who you are have you ever played on the server before? fucking scrub.
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    They've had all servers before hand and weren't getting nearly as many as TTT 1 (or even sometimes 2) were getting, that's why they had added a 3rd TTT server but that wasn't being used as they thought it would be. They have tried prophunt, DarkRP and even Vanilla for some odd reason(really bad decision imo, don't know what they were thinking the silly goose's.) What I'd assume they're doing is focusing on TTT and would, if anything expand and better the TTT server because the other gamemodes didn't get enough hype. I don't think they did murder and if they did, it most likely flopped quicker than Prophunt, DarkRP and Deathrun.
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    DENIED False hours False reccomendation No discernible effort made in application Do not apply for staff again
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    +1 Wildcard. Oh Wildcard. Many a song has been sung of your muscles, ne'er has there been a man as magnanimous and benevolent as to whom the muscles belong to. Without Wildcard, the community falls, without the community, Flux falls. If not for this man among men, we would have succumbed to our lesser, more primal instincts long ago. Nay may we ever fall while Wildcard lights our path in our hearts!
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    +1 singlehandedly reunited east and west Germany and then proceeded to create a new country known as Brazil.
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    +1 Tone 5 gang rise up!!!
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    +1 Before I met mr Opal Guy, I had problems with "getting it up", no more! Ever since I crossed paths with Opal Guy my missus has stopped seeing the mailman, not only that, but she actually looks me in the eyes now! Thank you Mr Opal, if you can make changes like that to me, you can make changes like that to the entire server I'm sure of it! Not only does he physically cure me of my ills, but he also has a fantastic taste in arts and literature, from Beethoven to Picasso he is the most cultured and sophisticated man to grace this server, worry not, he also meddles in today's "memeage", and has a fantastic track record for making people laugh and smile and enjoy themselves all over! This man definitely, without a doubt gets my plus one, and with his plus one I hope he not only gets my +1, but my eternal respect and graces for his future endeavors!
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    +1 he has written this with formal intent, give this man another chance
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    +1 give the man another chance king aeyon
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    I'm only gonna support this change if kids like debla aren't allowed in nsfw channels because they are meant to be over 18
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    Swearing is common not only on the internet but everywhere in real life, I literally cannot see a legitimate reason as to why the censorship was added and why memes and media was placed under 18+. As snake said the adorable children of flux are already experiencing no no words on the server itself, if you were to implement rules prohibiting swearing in game too, not only would it be completely stupid but also un-moderatable. The actions are counter intuitive, I love to see changes actually happening, and you're gonna have some bad ones (Like this one) but I'm sure you can look at other small ways to add new things and branch out to the community, like the new publication of discord and server bans. (Also you've basically made a second porn channel out of memes and media haven't you??)
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    Server: TTT SteamID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/OpalGuy/ Reason for ban: Aeyon Spray Issuing staff member: Aeyon Ban length: Permanent Appeal: I feel like OpalGuy should get let off his perma ban bro give him another chance i feel like he shouldve only got banned for a week. i dont know if i can appeal other peoples ban but i would like to play with a mate again just give him one more chance or atleast take away the perma ban. Sorry for not having steamid.
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    +1 opalguy deserves another chance we miss him #opallivesmatter #spraysdontdiscrimanay
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    How to: To get Donator Points you need to donate while on the server (In chat type !donate) They can also be received by reaching every 10 levels in the xp system. How: They are given automatically once your donation is accepted/finalized. Why: And they are given because you donated.
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    DENIED We don't believe you are suitable at this current time.
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    +1 I genuinely have never had problems with the guy. Active and respectable.
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    i +1 this as a respectable member of the community
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    Haven't played as far as you know. Your discord history is also pretty horrendous
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    -1 lied about age in discord voice chat keeps saying he is 14
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    +1 set this man free
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    That's not how that works, we want to see if you make an effort to try, so far I don't see you have tried asking any staff
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    An attempt at staff recommendations would greatly improve your chances (and look good )
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    Wouldn't mind playing something a lil different like prop hunt, murder or even dark rp. You guys should make a server with one of these game modes as i enjoy playing flux and i feel like it would just bring something new to the table when i'm bored.
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    +1 absolute chad, was the one who stopped World War 2 and found the cure to cancer, you'd be a fool not to hire this big throbbing veiny man
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    DENIED No outstanding bans on your account (excluding karma bans) : You are on Probation from a recent permanent ban You didn't get a staff recommendation from birbobert
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    Your appeal has been Accepted. You'll be on probation for harassment until 17/08/20 (1 month) Hopefully this doesn't happen again.
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    I'm all for more donor shit cause theres almost no point to donating anymore because of coin flips and levelling. But please no trails cause if i see your trail going away from a dead body ill dome you
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    DENIED If opal guy wants to be unbanned he will have to make an appeal for himself.
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    the only people that would be "trusted" are regulars and ex staff, and the majority of ex staff don't play gmod/ttt anymore. This just leaves the regulars and none of us will take it seriously. Can you imagine giving order the power to gimp people. i still +1 this because i would be mature and responsible and you can trust me as long as i dont feel like lying to you so menace get on this.
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    Sometimes your bank(Depending on how you donated) may take up to 3 days to send, check if your payment went through and if it did, send a support ticket in the donation page and it will be handled from there.
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    Purchased 2,500 donator points 12/7/20. ($20 package) Still havent received after 2 matches. ID: STEAM_0:0:47071200 Package: 2,500 Don points
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    ACCEPTED please message Generic or myself on discord when you are on next!
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    New TTT needs jump boosters fuck the traitor 25%'s. +1 Bring back the boost boi
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