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    if debla can get trusted i think milk can
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    The thing is, we as staff would prefer it if forum reports were left for things that are more important than this. If everyone who was toxic and needed a slay for it was reported on the forums, there would be about 20 reports every hour. We would generally just prefer it if the only things reported on here were incidents like a mass RDM, metagame or other action that deserved a punishment like a ban. If you need staff on the server to deal with someone who is just being slight bit of a dickhead, you should just mention @TTT Mod in our Discord server. Anyway, this report has been resolved so I am closing this thread, thanks for the report Larko, and it would be appreciated if everyone considered what I have said for future reference.
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    Server(s): TTT SteamID: 76561198375889352 Age: 15 Total Hours Played on Flux: 982 Recommendation(s) from Staff: Higashi accel. Tim_The_Warlord Mau5tick About Storm: Hi I'm Storm, most of you have probably seen my around the server although I'm not all that memorable. I've been a lover of video games ever since I got steam and I've put in around 1.5k hours on GMod, with most of it being TTT and a small portion in DarkRP. When I'm not playing games, I'm usually studying or reading web novels (I love reading the web novels on WuxiaWorld) and I used to play the piano but stopped after 4-5 years of playing. Aspiring to become a Game Developer but not all too optimistic of my prospects. Reason for Application: I've applied for this position because I am a regular player and am usually online when the only other staff on is Higashi. I know that if I can become staff then I can cover for some of the later hours that most staff aren't online for and can help reduce the strain on the moderators. Previous Experience (if applicable): N/A Comments: Hig was encouraging ppl to apply so I did.
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    -1 i asked him if he knew what ryan lockwood streets 1:12 was and he said no
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    Katie you didn't follow him, you didn't KOS him and you didn't even TRY to shoot him even when he had the predator blade OUT. Also he didn't stab you either whilst he had every chance to.
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    Staff will look further into this. Locking thread for the time being to keep the peace.
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    Higashi don't react to blipblop he was on -69 rep
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    Ignore blipblop, he was banned from both TTT and Discord, best not to associate with him. Anyway, welcome to the server hope you enjoy your time on.
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    I know this thread's about props and propkilling and stuff, and nothing against you Predzee, but I can't help but laugh every time I see a post on here from you. Using language and punctuation that looks like you're trying to talk to the Queen without offending her, just makes you look so snobbish and uptight and I can't help but find it hilarious. Not to mention what feels like an attempt at minimodding in every post. Seriously, nothing against you mate, but I just thought I should let you know, cause I bet I'm not the only one. (See the underlined and bold quoted text for examples... So like, everything) Anyway, as for the props, I agree with Muffin Man for once, in saying that the car props aren't much of an issue compared to a lot of the propkilling that occurs on other maps, however I'll chuck in a request for the car to be removed if that's what the people want. That being said, propkilling has been an ongoing issue on the server for years, regardless of whether staff are on or not. Some people just don't care about the punishment, and many players have been banned for it. Yes, staff being on does help with the issue, but trust me, any repeat offenders are just going to do it regardless. Also just to add to Predzee's post, unless you're a 'professional propkiller' (jeez, imagine having that title🙄), propkilling is not strategic at all. It's far easier to just shoot someone and hide the body, than to try to launch a bucket at their foot and hope it kills them before they tap you in the forehead with a bullet. Besides, it doesn't always award you the kill, the prop usually gets all the credit.
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    Then what tf are we supposed to - or + rep you on? You are being judged on your history and your performance on the server in the past. Are we supposed to just +1 you? No. -1 because i've seen you break rules, and also because you've been banned before.
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    -1 doesn't even know how to abuse new map karma resets
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    Fuck no. -1. The amount of rules you break on a daily basis are numerous.
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    who tf are you... you wawi?
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    Why the fuck do u even apply for this...? Let the kid be a mod, its a piss easy job and we need a few nice and more positive mods playing. +1
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    Honestly didn't think you were gonna go through with the application. Now I just get to abuse you more if you get trial
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    DENIED Thank you for the application, however at this point in time, we do not believe you are a suitable candidate for staff. You may try again in the future if you wish.
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    Thank you for the report, this has been handled. Both @Kayda | Flux and Kwafee are receiving a warning now, they will both receive an awarn for staff reference the next time they are on, I trust that you shall see this post and take note. Do not do this again, we will not be so lenient next time.
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    Incident occurred on TTT, at 09/11/19 20:47 GMT+10. My SteamID: 76561198090236996 Reported Player: Sandstormman (STEAM_00126869558) Description of incident: Pretty sure this dude who was just on was hacking. You can see at the start of the video in evidence he instantly starts shooting at me as soon as I enter LOS and then later at 0:40 he fully traces where Debla goes and locks onto him as soon as he steps outside. Same with milk soon after. In short, dude was using ESP hacks/aimbot. Evidence: https://streamable.com/ec1et Full clip of what happened. Failed to get full footage as I somehow struggled to get first person view of him.
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    Yep. Make this man staff. He's regular and rarely breaks any rules. Flux needs more good staff
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    You can change boosters and text hats
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    This is incorrect, a method of deciding this has not been discussed or determined as of yet.
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    figure out a better method to giving people trusted.
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    omg guys higashi just did quick maths and told us a coinflip is...50/50...bro....................this man is a genius.
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    is your mates name clara by any chance
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    I have given back your points and fix the bug.
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    I'm just gonna, debunk this. Leaving out the ones Flux has already, since there's a lot and you had no need to just re-word them... Innocent Rules: 2. Following isn't suppose to be scary, there's no need for warnings if you feel like you're going to be killed then watch your back. 3. Unnecessary addition, at the bottom of your rules you say: "Just use common sense, if you think something is wrong and you are unsure, message a staff member." If they had common sense they'd know that just guessing based off location + weapon is assumption and RDM. 5. This is RDM and stated in the rules that's it's not allowed. Unnecessary addition. 6. What? I don't even know what you mean by this point? 7. Stupid rule as it will bring more rdm to the table when people jokingly say "I'm proven! I'm proven I swear" People will know if you're not proven or not trust you even if you say it. Traitor Rules: 2. That's not in the rules anymore and people can warn about their C4's if they want to. It just wont be slayable if a T carelessly walks into another T's C4. 3. What? Dumb rule..what are they benefiting from doing that? Detective Rules: 4. What do you mean by abuse the equipment? You'd have to elaborate and that just makes a long ass rule for no reason. General Rules: 6. Not only is something similar to this rule said in the Flux rules it makes it look like staff are all powerful gods and the players that are keeping this server running mind you are meant to bow down? 7. This isn't allowed (in my opinion) as prop killing/pushing can make it so no one can confirm if this prop killer/pusher is a) killing traitors by pushing them off or killing innocents and b) delays the round if someones just trying to be a jackass and use a prop to attempt to kill players. Also it's mostly used for rdm so there's no need for it to be allowed. 10. Seems to be the only good rule out of this lmao 12. What the shit is a "traitor drop" this isn't minecraft, traitors aren't dropping mob loot. It's stated in the flux rules that you must claim a T weapon clearly, implying that if the person is killed because of it by another innocent then that's rdm. Anyone who suggests killing a person "because it's overtime and they're high sus" will automatically get told they're wrong. 13. You don't know if it's a random KOS, false KOSers will be punished by staff if it was rdm/killed if they're a T. 14. Common sense that if someone throws a deadly grenade(Frag grenade, Innocent Frag Grenade or Inced Grenade) they will be kos'd. 20. There's no need for this rule???????????????????????????????????? You're just trying to explain the game poorly to new players... 21. A bAN? bruh, someone didn't read the TTT Staff guidelines! It's counted as exploiting to use the !unstuck/!stuck command when you're not stuck 🙂 Which is in.....you guessed it bud! The Flux Rules 22. Teaming was in the rules as a no no but for some reason it's been taken out. My beef is with staff on that one.
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    I don't really see this as a real issue that needs fixing, especially with Menaces work load at the moment. Its one prop that can kill you if you get close to it....Ok, don't get close to it.
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    While I do agree poizy is a toxic child who should be banned from playing the server forever, there is no real evidence that shows toxicity, no chat logs, no video recording. While I do believe Poizy did this, because he is the person that would do it, there is no evidence that shows it, only a log of your death to him.
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    Nice @Higashi +1 to them changes
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    Imagine following sports lmao +1 Decent guy who keeps to himself most of the time, speaks up with anything he disagrees with. Seems like the kind of guy youd take to the movies 🙂
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    Go understand your concern on this issue and I apologize on my end for my lack of activity on the server due to getting a new job that has me working 5 nights a week. I'm reading this on my phone and the photos for me are low res and I can't zoom in to read the logs properly. I would urged you to start using a recording software. A easy to use one that I use is Plays.tv. use what ever works for you. I will do what I can to deal with this situation but to any of the other staff who read this please take action if you can.
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    He does have sexdaily (dyslexia jumbled up)
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    heh, that's the funny sex number.
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    Do you donate to flux ttt? It’s the true symbol of loyalty and only then may u be a “regular” hi btw, I’m a ex regular at TTT, catch me on BHOP hitting some 660SSJ BRUH
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    😞 you made fun of me on my bhop suggestion before editing it about adding -rep just for the lols, i contemplated sudoku jk never saw u online when i was on, unless u changed ur name but +1
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    I take back my +1 not a real gril
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    Hi milk Plz tell me gossip tyty cute cat here’s mine ok bye
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    look forward to seeing you around 🙂
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    Hello my name blipblop am 22 yr old finished school Played gmod for almost 7 years now, Started on a couple fairly popular Deathrun(when it was popular, and autojump didnt exist RIP)/bhop/RP communities known as KxG and SGN, I preferred KxG so i became mod then admin then super admin then bhop manager after kxg went down and came back as Swift Gaming, I Became one of the better AUS bhoppers around 2014~2015 on Monumental, then my computer cucked itself and i went AWOL for 3-4years. One of my current hobbies is coding bots for a MMORPG known as oldschool runescape, make a good $ I finished a college paper on the husbandry of southern cassowary - 40 pages long - 💪 Am a part time animal attendant at a reptile park (not THE reptile park) i play soccer for 14 years, then we went into no age/weight groups then some big fucker almost snapped my leg, so i quit i Breed reptiles for a hobby - hmu if u want a bredli python, They're from the best lines in Australia I have many animal pics of almost every animal I play games some times ok bye
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    Some goofballs disliked all my posts
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    You can use a prop with magneto stick to move it
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    Yes... That's what this is for. Toxic Behaviour is a reportable option for a reason. These reports are for stuff that happens without mods online. You should know this.
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    @Taylor8380 should sell his nudes for points to stabilise the economy.
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    why would you bring that up. I didn't even know that and it just makes you more suspicious.
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    That was a combination of random damage + false kos + crossfire
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    I'm sure these playermodels will never be added but I may as well give it a shot, I'd throw my money at the donate store if any of them were added. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=646049378 - "Cinder's GTA Online character" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=647235538 - "§ςσʊт's character from GTA Online" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=696273723 - "2-D's GTA Online character" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=915069494 - "Krystal Assault 2017" glhf, add an anime model for the weebs if you want to balance it out.
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    I make anywhere from 20-100$/hr
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    It’s only gonna fly off if you flick your mouse from underneath
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